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Sep 19, 2018 5:14 AM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa, Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry, Fairy Tail: Final Series

Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

Real Imaginary Friends Part 2

It Was Now The Second Day That The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Staying At The Real Oblivion X Knight Nathan's House On A Holiday For A Week

An Imaginary Nathan Was Daisy Froggy Kisses Imaginary Friend And An Imaginary Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Nathan's Imaginary Friend..., And So They Both Had 2 Imaginary And 2 Real Life Counter Parts Mirroring The Exact Same Person

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Both Eating Their Bowl Of Fruit For Breakfast....., Suddenly Nathan Asked The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss "Is Your Real Name Daisy Froggy Kiss Or Is It Just Daisy?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Spoiled Princess-Like Voice) "Of Course My Name Is Daisy Froggy Kiss...., I Was Giving That Name By Destiny...., Destiny 2 Became A Witch...., My Mother Has Called Me That Name For Years"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Kindly Said "I Nicknamed Her Froggy Kiss Since She Was Very Little......, Because Of How Much She Loved Pretending 2 Be A Witch..., It Suited Her Lots...., But Now That Is How She Identifies Herself"

Nathan Happily Asked "So What's Her Real Name?" As Nathan Asked That The Imaginary Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Waving Her Hands And Shaking Her Head Side 2 Side And Whispering Gently "No No"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Very Spoiled Voice) "Mam..., Don't You Dare Tell Him"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Said "Daisy It's Alright"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Turned All Red And She Covered Her Face And She Said "My Real Name Is A Secret"

Through Nathan's Mind Connection He Asked The Imaginary Daisy Froggy Kiss What Her Real Name Was And She Gently Though The Mind Connection Said "It's The Middle Name We Don't Like..., Our Last Name Is Awesome..., Ask Her Her Last Name"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Stared 2 Cry And She Shouted (In A Spoiled Tearful Voice) "MOTHER.., If You Tell My Real Life Imaginary Friend My Real FULL Name I'll Transform You Into A Frog And Make Frog Juice Out Of You"

The Mother Of Daisy Froggy Kiss Strictly Said "Daisy Stop Your Tantrum..., I Haven't Said Anything"

Nathan Gently Said "Awww..., You Don't Have 2 Tell Me Your Middle Name..., I Don't Like My Middle Name Either...., Just Tell Me Your Surname?"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Gently Asked "How Do You Know It's Only My Middle Name That I Don't Like?"

Nathan Happily Said (While Extremely Gently Knocking Her Head As You Would A Door)"HELLO..., You Told Me...., Well, Imaginary Version Of You Did"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Smiled And She Happily Said "My Real Name Is Daisy Miracle"

Nathan Got So Happy That He Proudly Said "WOW..., That Suits You Perfectly..., You Know Why?..., Because You ARE A Miracle......, I Mean Isn't It A Miracle That We've Been Each Others Imaginary Friends Ever Since We Was Both 5 Years Old And Yet We Have Both Been Real People All Along"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yeah..., I Guess It Is A Miracle...., The Best Kind Of Miracle"

Nathan Happily Said "And My Real Name Is Nathan Philip Bendall......, I Don't Like The Middle Part Much...., And You Don't Have 2 Tell Me Your Middle Name..., But Why Don't You Like It?"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Hyperactive Voice) "It Sounds Way 2 Posh..., Like I'm Some Kind Of Rich Princess...., I Don't Wanna Sound Like Royalty...., I Wanna Sound Like A Witch..., A Wicked Witch With A Loving Heart"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Happily Said "Daisy.., It's A Miracle That You've Found Your Real Life Imaginary Friend..., That Is Definitely A Miracle...., So He Won't Think Of You As A Rich Queen Even If You Tell Him Your Middle Name..., He'll See You For The Witch You Truly Are..., Your My Favourite Witch And Your His Favourite Witch..., So Go On And Tell Him"

Nathan Happily Said "Your The Greatest Witch There Ever Was" And He Reached Over And Kissed Her Cheek

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (In An Energetic Quick Voice) "My Real Name Is Daisy Elizabeth Miracle" And She Quickly Covered Her Face With Her Hands And Hidden Under The Table

Nathan Jumped Up And He Started Jumping Up And Down While Saying "Here Is A Poem....., I Hope You Like It...,
Daisy Miracle Is A Witch
Daisy Miracle Fly's Over A Bridge
Daisy Miracle Zaps The Fridge
Daisy Miracle Is My Favourite Witch"

The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Got So Happy That She Stood On The Chair And She Somersaulted 2 The Kitchen Floor And She Cartwheeled While Shouting In A Burst Of Excitement "YAAAAY......, Another Poem... Another Poem Please"

She Kissed Nathan's Cheek And Done Cartwheels And Went Back 2 Kissing Nathan Repeatedly And Doing Cartwheels In A Rush Of Over Excitement

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Calmly Said "Watch You Don't Accidentally Kick Nathan"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Spoiled Voice) "MAM..., I Do Cartwheels All The Time And I Never Kick People"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Giggled And She Happily Said "Alright Sorry Dear"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Cartwheeled Again And Then She Hugged Nathan At The End Of The Cartwheel And She Happily Said "Another Poem...., Please Oh Please..., My Dear?"...., And She Gave Nathan Another Kiss And Nathan Jumped Back And He Happily Said "Here We Go...,

Daisy Miracle Using Magic
Daisy Miracle So Acrobatic
Daisy Miracle Casting Spells
Daisy Miracle Collecting Seashells"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Double Front Flip And She Happily Said (In A Burst Of Excitement) "One More Please"

Nathan Happily Jumped Up And Down While He Happily Said" Here Is Another One...,

Daisy Miracle Making Potion's
Daisy Miracle Flipping In Motion
Daisy Miracle Full Of Emotions
Daisy Miracle Sells Magical Lotion"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Got So Happy That She Ran Up Stairs And Nathan Happily Said "Hey..., Where Are You Going?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Ran 2 The Top Floor And She Grabbed A Toy Pirate Sword And She Handed Nathan Another Toy Pirate Sword And She Happily Said "Your Reward For Making Me This Happy Is Another Sword Fight..., But This Time YOU Get 2 Hang Upside Down..., That Way..., You'll Have A Gravitational Advantage..., Lets Go"...., And She Skipped Down 2 The Middle Floor Into Where Nathan's Gymnastics Bar Is In The Spare Bedroom And Nathan Followed Her All Excited And She Happily Said "Now Hang Like A Monkey On Tons Of Sugar..., You Know?.., Upside Down"

Nathan Hung Upside Down By His Knees From His Gymnastics Bar..., The Bar Was So High That He Couldn't Touch The Ground Which Was Just The Way He Likes It... He Made Sure His Shirt Was Tucked In And He Held His Pirate Sword And He Playfully Said "Lets Battle Daisy Miracle Froggy Kiss"

They Both Started Sword Fighting With Nathan Hanging Upside Down And Daisy Froggy Kiss Right Side Up...., As They Was Sword Fighting This Way For 5 Minutes Daisy Froggy Kiss Playfully Said "Can We Swap Now?..., I Wanna Be Upside Down"

Nathan Said "Okay..., You Can Have Less Gravity For A While" And Nathan Climbed Back Down And Daisy Froggy Kiss Hung Upside Down By Her Knees From Nathan's Gymnastics Bar And She Happily Said "I Feel So Light And Weightless Like This..., I'm Happiest When I'm Hanging Upside Down Honey...., It Feels Like A Gravity Sucking Vortex Is Flying Inside My Little Tummy"

Nathan Happily Said "Lets Battle" And They Both Started Sword Fighting This Time With Daisy Froggy Kiss Hanging Upside Down And Nathan Right Side Up......, And After 5 Minutes Of Constant Sword Fighting Nathan Asked "Hey Daisy Froggy Kiss...., Do You Think I Could Hang Upside Down Next 2 You?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "YAY..., Then We Can Be Topsy Turvy Gravity Destroyers Together"..., And So Nathan Hung Upside Down Next 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss...., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Bet I Enjoy Hanging Upside Down A Little More Than You..., Just A Bit"

Nathan Said (In A Spoiled Voice) "DO NOT..., I Hang Upside Down Almost Everyday"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Princess-Like Voice) "So Do I..., I Have 3 Gymnastics Bars Inside My House And YOU Only Have One..., Therefore I Have More Places 2 Hang Upside Down From...., I Have 4 Gymnastics Bars If You Include My Garden"

Nathan Said (In A Spoiled Voice) "Well..., I Read Books While Hanging Like This"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Princess-Like Voice) "And Me..., I Read All 7 Harry Potter Books While Hanging Upside Down And I've Hung Upside Down Longer Than Anyone"

Nathan Happily Asked "How Long"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Answered "50 Hours...., And It Was My Mother Who Held Me By My Feet 2 Empty My Pockets After I Took Some Candy Before Dinner...., It Was So Fun"

Nathan Asked "You Went 2 Days Without Eating?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss (In A Confused Voice) Said "I Didn't Say That"

Nathan Said (In A Worried Voice) "But If You Was Upside Down For 50 Hours Then That's More Than 2 Days...., And It Was A Punishment For Taking Candy?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Awww...., Don't Worry..., My Mother Has Never Never Never Hurt Me Or Hit Me Once In My Life...., She Hates Child Abuse Like Us...., We Hate People Who Hurt Precious Children...., What Happened Was My Mother Told Me No Candy Before Dinner And I Got Caught So I Told Her 2 Tip Me Upside Down 2 Empty My Pockets...., Sadly I Lied It Was For 10 Seconds....., Though I Wish It Was For 50 Hours"

Nathan Happily Said "Well...., I Could Easily Hang Upside Down For Over An Hour"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I've Hung Upside Down By My Knees From My Gymnastics Bar For 3 Hours Watching Cartoons And That's No Lie Sweetie..., Ask My Mammy"

Nathan Happily Said "My Mammy Won't Let Me Have The Gymnastics Bar In My Bedroom Because She Knows I'll Hang Upside Down 2 Long..., She Says Hanging For 2 Long Isn't Good..., But It's So Fun"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Awww..., My Mammy Lets Me Hang Upside Down For As Long As I Want As Long As I Get Down If I Get 2 Dizzy..., The Force Of Gravity Changes When We Look At The World This Way Doesn't It Honey?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah It Does"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Do My Hair And Makeup Upside Down..., I Have 2 Gymnastics Bars In My Bedroom And One Of My Gymnastics Bars In My Bedroom Is Right Opposite A Mirror And It's Where I Brush My Hair And Put My Daily Makeup On......, Sitting On A Chair 2 Put My Girly Makeup On Or Brushing My Hair On A Chair Is SO Boring..., Hanging Upside Down 2 Do My Makeup And Brush My Hair Is So Much Better..., And Long Hair Is Easier 2 Brush Upside Down..., It's Called Gravitational Thinking"

Nathan Happily Giggled And He Said "Heheheh...., YOUR AMAZING"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Thanks" And As They Both Hung Upside Down From Their Knees Nathan's Right Foot Rubbed Against Daisy Froggy Kisses Left Foot And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Shouted (In A Burst Of Excitement) "UPSIDE DOWN TICKLE FIGHT" And They Both Started Tickling Each Other While Hanging Upside Down

They Both Seemed Way More Ticklish Upside Down And They Laughed So Hard And Was Making So Much Noise And They Tickled Each Other So Much That Both Their Mothers Came Up The Stairs 2 The Middle Floor And Nathan's Mother Said (In A Calm Voice) "You Both Sound Like Wild Baboon's And Your Faces Are Bright Red"

Nathan Happily Said (While Breathing For Air) "We Are Having A Tickle Fight Upside Down..., It's So Scary And Fun And I Can't Feel My Legs Anymore"

Nathan's Mother Said "Then Come Down..., I Told You Take A Break After 10 Minutes Of Being Upside Down..., Come On"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Said "You Come Down Too And Perhaps You Can Hang Upside Down Again Later"

Nathan Got Down First And He Felt A Little Dizzy So He Hugged His Mother And Daisy Froggy Kiss Waved At Nathan While She Was Upside Down And Nathan Happily Waved Back

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Gently Said "Come Down Then Daisy Dear"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Wanna Show Nathan My Trick For Getting Down" And She Swung Back And Forth Very Very Fast Until She Flipped Onto Her Feet And Nathan Got Super Excited Jumping Up And Down Happily Saying "Mammy How Did She Do That?..., How Did She Do That?... Daisy Please Please Please Teach Me?"

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Gently Said "It's A Little Dangerous 2 Try Without Experience Sweetheart...., She Hangs Upside Down For Hours Everyday"

Nathan Happily Said "I Hang Upside Down A Lot Too"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Then Happily Said "I'll Happily Teach You..., But It's A Little Scary..., I'll Do It Again But This Time I'll Talk Though It".... And She Gently Kissed Nathan's Cheek

Daisy Froggy Kiss Then Hung Upside Down Again And She Happily Said While Doing Her Trick Again "First When Your Ready..., You Swing Back And Forth Like This...., But You Must Swing Very Very Hard And Fast..., It's Dangerous 2 Do This Trick If You Can't Swing Fast Enough..., Each Swing Should Feel Like A Roller Coaster Drop Inside Your Tummy..., Then You Unhook Your Knees And Flip 2 Your Feet"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Hugged And Kissed Nathan

Nathan Happily Said "I'm Gonna Try" And Nathan Hung Upside Down Again And He Swung Back And Forth.., But He Couldn't Be Brave Enough 2 Flip Off The Bar"

As Nathan Was Swinging Back And Forth Upside Down (Trying 2 Do The Trick) Daisy Froggy Kiss Encouragingly Said "Swing Faster Honey..., As Fast As You Can..., Come On...., SWING..., Became Gravity's Worse Enemy And Swing" But Nathan Was Too Scared And He Got Tired Of Swinging So He Just Hung Upside Down And He Was Out Of Breath

Daisy Froggy Kiss Gently Stroked Nathan's Hair And She Gently Said "You'll Do It Someday Honey..., But 2 Give You A Little Idea On What's It's Like.., I'll Stand A Few Steps Back From Your Toes And As You Swing Again I'll Grab Your Hands And Help You Flip"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay"

"Careful" "Careful" Said Both Of Their Mothers

Nathan Swung Back And Forth Again And This Time Daisy Froggy Kiss Grabbed His Hands And Pulled Him Forward And He Flipped 2 His Feet And Both Mothers Clapped Proudly

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Kissed Nathan 5 Times On His Face And She Then Said "Hey...., Lets Play Kingdom Hearts 3 Again Like Yesterday..., It's The Best Video Game Series EVER...., We Have 2 Work Together 2 Defeat Master Xehanort And Explore Some Magical Disney Worlds..., Race You 2 Your Room"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay Then" And They Both Ran Upstairs

After 8 Hours Of Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 With Dinner In-Between Daisy Froggy Kiss Got Out Some Butterfly Stickers Out Of Her Blue Minnie Mouse Bag That Glow In The Dark And She Happily Said "I Wanna Show You A Fun Game I Made Sweetie..., We Need 2 Make This Room As Dark As Possible...., But First Lets Cover Us In Butterfly Stickers"

And Daisy Froggy Kiss Started Sticking Colourful Butterfly Stickers All Over Nathan's Clothes And Face...., She Stuck 4 Stickers On The Soles Of Nathan's And Her Feet And She Stuck Lots Of Stickers On Their Clothes And One On Their Nose And Lots All Around Their Face... They Both Looked More Like A Butterfly Hive Than A Human...,

Then Nathan Closed His Sky-Light Blind And His Window Blinds And He Turned The TV Off And The Lights Off And Because It Was Night Time It Was Now Very Very Dark And The Stickers Magically Glowed In The Dark All Different Colour's

Nathan Happily Jumped Up And Down Getting Very Excited While Saying "WOW WOW WOW..., We Are Like A Swarm Of Colourful Butterfly's"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Played Some Disney Music On Her Mobile Phone And Then Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Now We Must Both Dance And Spin And Run Around In The Dark And Pretend We Are The Swarm Of Butterfly That Light The Darkness"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay Then" And They Both Started Dancing While Being Covered In Butterfly (Glow In The Dark) Stickers...., After 20 Minutes Of Dancing They Both Removed Each Others Butterfly Stickers And Daisy Froggy Kiss And Nathan Both Watched 4 Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic Episodes And Then Daisy Froggy Kiss Went 2 The Spare Bedroom Where The Gymnastics Bar Was Because That Was Where Her Bed Is And Nathan Stayed In His Bedroom And They Both Went 2 Sleep

They Was Both Having The Most Magical Time Of Their Lives And They Both Knew That Someday Nothing Could Ever Keep Them Apart Both Spiritually And Physically Even If It Means Having Faith In God That Someday Daisy Froggy Kiss Could Be A Witch And Nathan Could Be A Knight And They Could Live Happily Ever After

But Until Then They Both Enjoyed The Rest Of The Most Magical Week Of Their Whole Lives :D
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