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Sep 18, 2018 7:47 AM
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Written By @LadySofia (^__^)

Real Imaginary Friends Part 1

It was a sunny Saturday, and Nathan was outside taking a walk together with his Mother. He skipped along happily. He was happy for many reasons. The sun was warm, his feet felt wonderfully tingly from all the skipping and jumping, and he had just won a sword fight with Daisy Froggy Kiss.
She had to give him a Kiss, upside down as a reward.
Right now she was taking a tour on her broomstick, looking for fun places to hang upside down from. Some time ago, Nathan had lost sight of her, but their mind connection was still strong, and he felt how happy she was.
He was just thinking about having a jumping contest with Daisy Froggy Kiss when she came back, when he saw something familiar. Golden pinky hair, that gleamed in the sunlight.
Daisy Froggy Kiss had just appeared from around a corner, and was walking towards him.
„Hey Daisy Froggy Kiss! I just had a great great idea! Lets have a jumping contest, the one who does the most jumps on one leg wins. The looser will have to kiss the nose of the winner!“
Her eyes widened, then she grinned: „Its on! And I warn you! I can jump incredibly well on one leg! Lets go!“
She started to jump on one leg, Nathan turned around, to jump along with her. His mother asked: „Nathan? What is going on?“
He laughed: „ I am having a jumping contest with Daisy Froggy Kiss! Play with us!“ And he jumped after Daisy Froggy Kiss. They both giggled happily. Behind him, Nathan heard his mother talking to someone else, but he was too concentrated on jumping, to look who she was talking to.
Just as he was getting tired, as every jump became harder and harder, he heard someone calling him. It was Daisy Froggy Kiss, which in itself was nothing unordinary. The unusual thing was, that Daisy Froggy Kiss was standing before him, and didn't open her mouth at all.
Then he understood, and grinned at her: „Cool! That's a new spell! You can speak without opening your mouth!“ He hugged her happily, still standing on just one leg.
„Dear? What do you mean? I didn‘t say anything at all, you dummy!“ And she laughed, and kissed his cheek.
„Nathan, who is this?“ Asked Daisy Froggy Kiss‘ voice behind him. Over their mind connection, he felt her confusion. When he turned around, he saw her standing behind him.
But she was also in front of him….
„Why are there two Daisy Froggy Kisses here?“ He asked, confused.
„I‘d like to know that too.“ Said the newly come Daisy Froggy Kiss. She sounded a bit insulted: „If there is another me, she should introduce herself to me!“
The Daisy Froggy Kiss who stood on one leg asked: „But there is no other me here, Nathan Dear.“
„Don‘t tell me im not here! That is not a very nice thing to say to someone else!“ the other Daisy Froggy Kiss pointed out, with an insulted tone. Nathan felt how offended she was. So if he felt the feelings of the Daisy Froggy Kiss who had just arrived, did that mean that she was his imaginary friend? Then who was the other Daisy Froggy Kiss, the one he had played with?
„Who are you?“ He asked her.
„I‘m Daisy!“ she said, grinning, even though she looked slightly confused: „You should know that, Oblivion X Knight! We‘ve been friends ever since we were five years old. You are my imaginary friend!“
„Nonono, wait! I am what? YOU are MY imaginary friend! And theres two of you here right now…. I‘m confused Daisy Froggy Kiss…. Please explain whats going on!“
Then Nathans mom came to them, together with a woman Nathan didn‘t know.
„Nathan, don‘t just run away when I call you. Do you know this girl?“ his mom asked.
And the other woman said: „The same goes for you Daisy! I wouldn‘t know what I would do if I lost you! Is he a friend of yours?“
Even more confused now, Daisy and Nathan both answered: „Of course I know him/her, he/she is my Imaginary Friend!“

It took a while of talking to clear things up. Apparently, this version of Daisy Froggy Kiss was real! She had a mum and a dad, and she was here on holidays. She lived in France. Nathan was overjoyed when he heard that she too was autistic. The most incredible thing though was, that Daisy had an imaginary friend called The Oblivion X Knight Nathan. And the Oblivion X Dinosaur and the Oblivion X Bats.
After talking a bit with each other, their moms decided that for the next week, Daisy would stay at Nathans home, together with her mom.
After lots of hugging, giggling, talking and skipping, they arrived at home. Nathan immediately took Daisy's hand and said: „Come see my room and my anime and cartoon collections, and my toys!“
Daisy squealed happily: „Yay! I love anime and cartoons! And I have brought some toys with me on my holidays too!“
While going up the stairs Nathan asked: „Can you do spells too? Like my Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss can?“
„No. I wish I could! I wish so much that I could be a witch! The only wish that is bigger, is that when I die and go to heaven, God makes The Oblivion X Knight Nathan real. Though….. You ARE real right now! Or at least as a human. The Oblvion X Knight Nathan is here too right now! Can you see him? He‘s standing right here beside me, and he says he loves your anime collection!“
Nathan shook his head: „Sorry, I can‘t see him…. I wish I could though! But I guess we can‘t see each others imaginary friends.“
„I know! Lest play hide and seek! And our Imaginary Friends can help us too! Its like playing with all four of us, even if we can‘t all see each other!“
„Yay! That sounds like fun! I start counting!“ And he counted down.
The game of hide and seek went on for a while. And when they were done, they were out of breath from all the laughing and running and shouting. They slumped onto Nathans bed, both of their heads hung upside down from the edge, so that they saw the whole world upside down.
„The Oblivion X Knight Nathan loves hanging upside down on the bar in my room. Do you like that too?“ Daisy asked.
„Oooooh yes! I really really love hanging upside down! My belly gets this funny feeling. Like theres no gravity at all, and I‘m floating! It also makes me feel a bit closer to god, when i hang upside down.
„Oh, and Daisy Froggy Kiss loves walking up walls, and walking on ceilings! And when she is on her broomstick, and flying around, she flies upside down a lot too!“ Actually, Daisy Froggy Kiss was standing on the ceiling, as he said that. She giggled happily: „Its interresting, seeing a human version of myself! Tell her I think she‘s awesome, and give her a hug from me Nathan!“
And he did that, which made Daisy really happy. She gave him a hug from The Oblivon X Knight Nathan.
Then Daisy tickled his nose with a feather, she had brought with her. He had to sneeze, and she giggled happily: „Oh, you sneeze just as lovely as The Oblivion X Knight does!“ And she too sneezed a little sneeze. They both laughed.
Then they started a tickling fight, which made them laugh so hard that their parents came into the room to see if everything was all right.
They told them that they should do something a bit more calm, so as not to overexite themselves. And so they decided to watch a part of the Batman Cartoon series.
„I want to be a superhero someday!“ Nathan said. And Daisy answered:
„I know my dear! And I believe 100% that you will become the most amazing superhero there ever was! Like Batman!“
„I once wrote a story about me being a supervillain in Arkham city! Do you want to see it?“
She absolutely loved the story, and asked for more. Then she read all the stories he had written so far. About the little lovely christmas elves, his adventures with his friends on MAL, and all the stories about him and Daisy Froggy Kiss.
„I love love love how you write about me… Uhm Nathan. Ahhhh, this is just sooooo much fun! When I am home again, I will send you all the fun stories I wrote! I once wrote one, about how we gave the Oblivion X Bats the task, to annoy the Oblivon X Dinosaur. It was so much fun! I‘m sure you‘ll love it!“
Nathan grinned widely: „I‘m sure it will be amazing!“
Then he added: „Also, do you go to college too? Like me? I go to a special needs class! And you are autistic too, so do you go to one too? And to Day Center?“
She nodded enthusiaticaly: „Yes! I have lots of lovely friends there, and I love all the toys they have, and my One 2 One Robin is suuuuuper fun! He loves lifting me up, and he often acts like he is the Robin from Batman! Its so funny!“ And she started to giggle happily.
„And your mom doesn‘t mind you going everywhere barefooted?“ Nathan asked, curious: „When I go somewhere barefooted, the stones hurt my feet. Doesn‘t that hurt you too? If you‘re human?“
„Nope! Not at all. I have hard feet, and I just can‘t stand footwear at all! It feels so tight, and unnatural! And one day I want to be able to walk up walls…. I won‘t be able to do that with shoes or socks! Until then, i‘ll just have to do backflips and somersaults!“ Which she immediately did. She was incredibly agile. Nathan showed her how he could do a handstand against the wall on his bed.
„I can do that too!“ Daisy said happily and did a handstand just beside him: „Hey, wouldn‘t it be fun, if I did a handstand on your feet while you do a handstand?“ They both grinned at each other. But they didn‘t try it out, because that would have been a bit too dangerous.
They played in his room until they became too hungry to play much more.
„Awww, I wish the Oblivion X Bats were real! Then they could just bring us a meal right now!“ Nathan said dreamily.
„Oooh, that would be awesome! And they could help make the world better, by zapping child abusers, and criminals! I really wish that they become real someday! After all, you became real too! And you are just as cuddly and warm as I imagined you!“ And she gave him a big hug.
A growling belly sounded.
„Whelp, I guess we should go downstairs and ask for something to eat.“ Nathan giggled.
„You sound like a big hungry bear!“ Daisy laughed. Then her belly growled too, even louder thatn Nathans had. It just make her laugh even more.
As they went down the stairs, Nathan said: „This week will be so much fun! We can play all we want, I can show you college, and we can play Kingdom Hearts 3 together!“
„Oooh yes! And We can do more jumping contests, and tickle fights!“
And they did just that. This week became the most fun and happy week they had ever spent. And definitely the most magical.
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