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Sep 1, 2018 3:11 AM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail
Scavenger Hunt #11
- 5/5 -

Completed / Watching / Not Started

[2018.09.01 - 2018.11.07]

☘ Previously seen/started are not allowed.
☘ Any type is acceptable but you must have at least 1 type with 10+ episodes.
☘ Your list cannot be EXACTLY the same as another user (first to turn in gets priority)

REQUIREMENTS: Find and watch a series...

☘ ... with a non-humanoid main character: Buta
can be anything as long as they don't resemble a human
☘ ... that aired on the 9th day of any month: Piano no Mori (TV) -Aired: 2018.04.09-
any year
☘ ... that has a number in an alternative title, but not in the original/official title: Death Billiards -Alternative Titles: 2012 Young Animator Training Project, Anime Mirai 2012-
Example: "Series Blah Blah" has alternative title "Series 2nd
☘ ... that has no recommendations: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Valentine-hen -Evidence: screenshot-
found in the "Recommendations" option listed at the top next to Reviews and Stats; screenshot suggested
☘ ... that was "Featured": Aku no Hana
If it was, there would be a Featured option along the top next to Forum and Clubs; if not, it won't show

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