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Nov 27, 2017 8:08 AM
There's a ridiculously large number of famous super stars here, yes.
But dreams are free no matter how luxurious they might be.

Tanaka Aimi as Koiwai Yotsuba
(I think if Yotsuba had a voice it would be very similar to Umaru's and Moeka's)
Nakamura Yuuichi as Koiwai Yousuke
(My impression of his voice is of someone frugal and simple yet composed and chill, the same impression i had with Yotsuba's dad)

Hosoya Yoshimasa as Jumbo
(I really like him. And his voice suits big guys, like Asahi or Oota or Junpei)


Hanazawa Kana as Ayase Fuuka
(Fuuka is like the most normal girl among anime/manga girls, and sometimes she has to be a tsukkomi to Yotsuba's jokes. Reminds me of Yokoi Rumi, so, Kana-chan!)
Hayami Saori as Ayase Asagi
(The beautiful, composed, talented and clever eldest. Let's leave her for our Master of Eargasm, Hayamin!)
Kayano Ai as Ayase Ena
(I'm sure when Ena grows up, she would be a lot like Ibara Mayaka (without the strictness). So we need Kayanon's voice for the cute but serious, hard-working, and mature type.)
Inoue Kikuko as Ayase Mother
(The ultimate mom voice. We could also have her do the "I'm 17!" "Oi, oi!" joke when she introduce herself to Mr. Koiwai and Jumbo the first time they meet)
Whoever's'fine as Ayase Father

Kamiya Hiroshi as Yasuda
(I just kinda hear HiroC's voice when I think about Yanda for no reason at all. But HiroC can voice literally any kind of character so what's the problem)

(Came up with a 2nd option for Yanda. Probably Uchiyama Kouki would fit Yanda better. Voice of a young dude who is lazy and always effortless.)

Tamura Mutsumi as Torako
(My favourite tomboy-ish low-tone voice, Kobayashi!)

Pile as Miura
(A girl's voice which is boyish, a little childish and suprisingly squeamish. Like a Maki that is from a middle-class family and practices riding unicycle instead of piano)

Uchiyama Yumi as Hiwatari
(Shimauu is a little plain-looking, and has a bit of a weird side to her, but normally she's very chill. I thought of her as a fusion of Ruri and Youko.)

Whoever's'fine as Mr. Scruffy

Isobe Masako as Koiwai Grandmother
(a cool and strong-looking granny, reminds me of Granny Joel)

Itou Shizuka as Koiwai Sister
(Slightly attractive glasses woman, who gives off serious and intelligent type of vibe. We'll need a lady-like voice like Itou-san's.)
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