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Jul 10, 2017 8:46 PM
Anime Relations: Tsuki ga Kirei
Well i really don't have time to make cards anymore due to the recent gain of a
life ya know that thingy i didn't have before which has to do with the outside
world well anyways heres my portfolio!

A club i made 1 edition in but not just a edition but the first edition and photoshopping i've ever done it was a Solo Edition which looked really good for a first time atleast that's what most people said but now i look back at it i only think the first one is decent.

Card Dreamland the first club that accepted my application i'm still grateful for that.

For the most proud of my private cards b'cuz i put most effort in those and take various things in consideration while making them, Those cards are made as gratitude or as birthday gift for friends, They're exclusive and only for those people.

Well those are the banners i use when delivering cards for clubs I've only made one yet but maybe i'll make more in the future..

The Forum sets i made and have been using the links were clickable in my sig
just like the delivery banners i've currently only made one and i might make more
in the future

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