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Apr 5, 2017 9:10 AM

The 1 Year Anniversary Challenge - 0/82


Cannot use previously completed; but can use previously started
Rules from the references challenge apply for each requirement (If the Referenced Challenge, such as Content Rating TV-Type Challenge for example, states that only a certain type or length can be used, then that rule applies to that requirement for this challenge as well)
If there is criteria that you cannot watch new because you've already seen everything available, link to your completed challenge (only applies for the referenced challenges below)
The series you use for this challenge do not have to be used in the referenced challenges (as long as the series you use meets the requirement and could be used in the reference challenge)
Can overlap with any and all challenges
All series used must be 15+ minutes in length (total)
EXCEPTIONS: will be marked by * at the beginning of the criteria
You do not have to be currently participating in any of the referenced challenges
There is no time limit that this challenge has to be completed by

Start Date : Feb 3, 2017

Favorite Challenge: The Aired 20XX Challenges

YEAR-BASED (Watch an anime aired during that year)

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