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Mar 12, 2017 11:32 AM
Anime Relations: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Watch a movie:
Watch a movie with over 60 minutes:
Watch a movie with under 10 minutes:
Watch a 2nd movie with under 10 minutes:
Watch a TV anime:
Watch a 2nd TV anime:
Watch a 3rd TV anime:
Watch an OVA:
Watch a 2nd OVA:
Watch a 3rd OVA:
Watch a special:
Watch a 2nd special:
Watch a 3rd special:
Watch Music (type):
Watch a 2nd Music (type):
Watch a 3rd Music (type):
Watch an ONA:
Watch a 2nd ONA:
Watch a 3rd ONA:

Watch anime aired before 1980:
Watch anime from 80's:
Watch anime from 90's:
Watch anime aired 2000 or after:

Watch anime by Gainax:
Watch anime by Studio 4°C:
Watch anime by Studio Deen:
Watch anime without a studio:
Watch anime by Kuri Yoji:
Watch anime by Kei Oyama:
Watch anime by Tanaami Keiichi:
Watch anime by Mirai Mizue:
Watch anime by Taku Furukawa:
Watch anime by Tsuji Naoyuki:
Watch anime by director not mentioned above:
Watch anime by studio not mentioned above:
studio zero

Watch anime another user has watched for this challenge: item 20
Watch anime with under 20 000 members:
Watch anime with over 20 000 members:

Watch a comedy anime:
Watch a psychological anime:
Watch horror anime:
Watch Mystery, Romance or Parody or Mecha anime:
Watch Space, Slice of Life, Game or Shoujo anime:
Watch anime with genre not mentioned above:

Watch anime of your choice:

- Previously started can be used, previously completed can be used, but only if you run out of available dementia anime for a requirement. Mark such anime in italics.
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