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Jan 11, 6:33 AM
Anime Relations: ēlDLIVE, Idol Jihen, Nyanko Days
elDLIVE - this is the kind of show a person who had been in coma or cryostasis since mid-90s and was awakened and made write a script for a space comedy adventure school romance drama anime while still on sedatives would create. Also they've somehow dragged Kugimiya Rie into this.
Idol Jihen - This is basically an anti-utopia horror show for me. I mean, a nation ruled by fucking idol bullshit, imagine the horror. Being kinda serious though, a thoroughly derivative boring idol show without anything remarkable going on for it at all.
Nyanko Days - What. Cute girls doing, uh, things with literally catgirls and no one finds it strange, what a world to live in.
Also character design is so unoriginal I actually initially thought two of the shown girls were references to other works.
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