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Jan 8, 2017 5:10 AM
Anime Relations: Gintama, Noragami Aragoto
Hello it's me willia02. 2017 has started so I will try to become better person and keep my hobbies.

Currently, I'm watching Gintama Eps. 257 and Noragami Aragoto Eps. 6, both of them are action anime. So yeah I like that last gintama arc when Gintoki is replaced by Kintoki the gold haired person which turn to a cyborg. The things that I like from Gintama is everytime villains in this anime never get killed by protagonist except Sogou's brother in law and an Assassin.

And for Noragami I have reached Bishamon's arc where Bishamon almost get killed by Yato, of course the anime itself improved in its 2nd season but yeah I hate to admit it, too much naked Bishamon scenes. It's really disturb me because I really want to shows that anime to my familly so we can watch it together but because that, I had to skipped everytime that scene showed up.

Recently, I'm watching a music video called "Himouto Cancer Chan" on youtube. I'm not sure that video actually cure cancer or give cancer because 60 fps but cancer song.That's all I can say in this end of first week of the year, thank you for reading this and I hope you leave a comment for my blog improvement.

Here is the link to video .
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