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Oct 10, 2016 10:09 AM
ONA Exposure Challenge - Hard 30/30

Start Date: Oct 10, 2016
End Date: Feb 24, 2017

-- [X] Watch an ONA that is shorter than 10 minutes (a one-episode ONA). Haru wa Kuru
-- [X] Watch an ONA series between 6-20 episodes. Blame!
-- [X] Watch an ONA series longer than 20 episodes. Ninja Slayer From Animation
-- [X] Watch an ONA that you definitely cannot finish within a day (whether it is 30+ episodes or just simply too annoying to watch). Nihon Animator Mihonichi

-- [X] Watch an ONA that aired in the month of your birth. Toukiden Kiwami (Aug)
-- [X] Watch an ONA that aired the year you joined MAL or later. Petting a Dog
-- [X] Watch an ONA that began airing between 2000 and 2005. The Wash Bird of the Wash Island
-- [X] Watch an ONA that began airing between 2006 and 2010. Attraction

-- [X] Watch an ONA with children in it. Nulu-chan to Boku
-- [X] Watch an action, demons, or harem ONA. Macross 25th Anniversary: All That VF Macross Zero Version
-- [X] Watch a kids, music, or romance ONA. PES: Peace Eco Smile - Drive your Heart
-- [X] Watch a shoujo, space, or vampire ONA. Hipira-kun ONA
-- [X] Watch an adventure, drama, or magic ONA. Persona 3 the Movie Meets “Walkman”
-- [X] Watch a mystery, samurai, or sports ONA. Detective Conan: The Fugitive Kogorou Mouri
-- [X] Watch a cars, historical, or martial arts ONA. Wonder Momo
-- [X] Watch a parody, school, or shounen ONA. Turnover
-- [X] Watch a superpower, comedy, or fantasy ONA. Bishoujo Mobage: Mobami-chan
-- [X] Watch a horror, mecha, or police ONA. Kokuhaku
-- [X] Watch a sci-fi, supernatural, or dementia ONA. Shigeru
-- [X] Watch a game, seinen, or military ONA. Monster Strike: Rain of Memories
-- [X] Watch a psychological, slice of life, or thriller ONA. PES: Peace Eco Smile

-- [X] Watch an ONA of your choice. Monster Strike: Mermaid Rhapsody
-- [X] Watch an ONA that starts with the same last letter of your username. Inferno Cop: Fact Files
-- [X] Watch an ONA that has the letter Q or Z in the title somewhere. Requiem (ONA)
-- [X] Watch an ONA related to another series. (i.e. sequel, spin-off, etc.) Macross 25th Anniversary: All That VF Macross F Version
-- [X] Watch an ONA that has a non-Japanese title (i.e. if the title originally is in English or other languages, it does count). Love Bites
-- [X] Watch an ONA from the MAL search using a random generated word from this site. Nemuranu Machi no Cinderella: Hirose Ryouichi - Memorial Date (serial)
-- [X] Watch an ONA in the top 20 ONAs. Eve no Jikan
Copy&Paste Link into browser:[0]=a&c[1]=b&c[2]=c&c[3]=f&r=0&p=0&gx=1&genre[0]=12&genre[1]=33&genre[2]=34&o=3&w=1] 

-- [X] Watch an ONA rated below 7.0. Puchitto Gargantia (6.36)
-- [X] Watch an ONA that was reviewed within the last 3 years. Trigger-chan

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