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Nov 23, 2015 1:19 AM
Welcome to my BBcode guide!
The purpose of this guide is to provide information to help you build your own profile with the same tools I used.

Before you read the guide, it is important to note that your current MAL background cannot be black!
This is because I'll use black color codes to break the BBcodes so you can see them properly.
Why not use the [code] BBcode? It looks bad, that's why.

Have fun, and remember to be creative!

Last update: Nov 27, 2015 at 8:16 a.m. CET (08:16)
Status: Indefinite hiatus
▓▓▓▓▓░░░░ ~60% Done

Leave a comment below if you need any help and I'll reply via your profile!

Table of Contents

1. Profile Resolutions
2. Introduction to BBcodes
- 2.1 Text Codes
- 2.2 Embed Codes
- 2.3 Format Codes
3. Combining BBcodes
- 3.1 Prioritization
- 3.2 Examples
4. Formatting Codes
- 4.1 Formatting
- 4.2 Simple Aligning
- 4.3 Image Aligning
5. Building Your Profile
6. Frequently Asked Questions / F.A.Q
7. Changelog

1. Profile Resolutions
I'm not entirely sure about the numbers, but this was about the size I measured; ±5 pixels.

Height = 980 pixels (before expanding)
Width = 800 pixels
Width = 760 pixels (inside a quotation box)
Note: Images will be resized to fit the width if it goes over 800 pixels!

2. Introduction to BBcodes
This guide will cover all available BBcodes on MAL, but we won't use all of them to build the profile.

2.1 Text Codes

[b]Text goes here[/b] gives you Text goes here

[i]Text goes here[/i] gives you Text goes here

[u]Text goes here[/u] gives you Text goes here

[s]Text goes here[/s] gives you Text goes here

Text Size: Smaller
[size=70]Text goes here[/size] gives you Text goes here

Note: Default is 100 and the lowest you can go is 20.

Text Size: Larger
[size=300]Text goes here[/size] gives you Text goes here

Note: Default is 100 and the highest you can go is 900.
Do not abuse this as it can result in removal of text by the mods, please read the rules first! (Section V)

Colour (Colours)
[color=darkorchid]Text goes here[/color] gives you Text goes here

Note: This does not work for all colours. Two-word colours must be as a single word instead! (e.g. dark red = darkred)

Colour (Hex Colour Codes)
[color=#949494]Text goes here[/color] gives you Text goes here

Note: Unlike the one above, you must add the hashtag (#) before adding numbers and letters! (#949494 and not only 949494)
Tips: You can find a palette of colours here!

2.2 Embed Codes

Mentions (Not really a BBcode code, I know!)
@Snow gives you @Snow

Note: This notifies the user and gives you a clickable link to their profile! (Doesn't work on blogs, but give it a try in the forums!)

[url=]Text goes here[/url] gives you Text goes here

Note: Links must start with "http://" if they start with "www." or nothing at all, the link won't work properly. []Link[/url] does not work, but [url=]Link[/url] does!

[img][/img] gives you:

Note: Links must end on an image extension (.jpg, .png, .gif etc.) MAL does not currently support .gifv or .webm formats!

YouTube Videos
[yt]2YQ5le2S3NM[/yt] gives you:

Note: Only the end of the YouTube video URL can be added. (
You cannot embed playlists! (

2.3 Format Codes

Quotation Boxes
[quote=Snow]Text goes here[/quote] gives you:

[quote=Snow message=########]Text goes here[/quote] gives you:

Note: This links the quote to the parent post. Keep in mind that it must be the message ID and not post ID.
The easiest way to do this is to quote yourself in the forums, it will give you a message in the quick reply on the bottom of the page.

[quote]Text goes here[/quote] gives you:

Note: Gives you a box more or less.

Spoiler Buttons
[spoiler]Text goes here[/spoiler] gives you:

[spoiler="test"]Text goes here[/spoiler] gives you:

Note: You cannot align the spoiler button alone without moving the content as well.

[code]BBcode (Example Text) or Text goes here[/code] gives you:
BBcode ([color=red]Example[/color]) or Text goes here

Note: This disables the BBcodes inside and turns them into text.

Bullet Point List
[list][*]Text goes here
[*]Text goes here[/list] gives you:
  • Text goes here
  • Text goes here

Numerical List
[list=1][*]Text goes here
[*]Text goes here[/list] gives you:
  1. Text goes here
  2. Text goes here

Align Left
Everything is automatically aligned to the left unless another code is given.

Align Center
[center]Text goes here[/center] gives you:
Text goes here

Align Right
[right]Text goes here[/right] gives you:
Text goes here

Note: You can align everything, however only one thing can be placed on the same line as the text. See 4. Formatting Codes

Align Image: Left
Please read 4.3 Image Aligning before using [image align] codes, since they do not work the same as the align codes above!
[img align=left][/img] gives you:

Align Image: Center
[img align=center][/img] gives you:

Align Image: Right
[img align=right][/img] gives you:

3. Combining BBcodes
Combining BBcodes is simple, but some might give you issues.

3.1 Prioritization

There are some codes that will require you to close the codes in the opposite order from what you started with.
[your first code][your second code]Text goes here[/your second code][/your first code]
If done in an incorrect order, the codes will not work properly and will give unwanted results.
• Note: Most codes works fine even if you do not close them in the correct order. Doing this in correct order will make your code more consistent and make it easier to troubleshoot.

In what order should you put the codes?
There is no right or wrong here, as you may place them in what order you would like to. However, if you want to guarantee that they work properly, I would suggest the following order:
  1. Format Codes (Start with these)
  2. Embed Codes
  3. Text Codes
You close them out in the opposite order, from 3 to 1.

3.2 Examples
Three examples shown below should cover the basics.

Example: Text Properties ([b] and [color=])
Let's say that you would like to combine bold with the color orange.
[color=orange][b]Text goes here[/b][/color] gives you Text goes here
[b][color=orange]Text goes here[/color][/b] gives you Text goes here
As shown here, it does not matter in what order you place the codes as long as it opens and ends properly (as I mentioned in 3.1 Prioritization).

What happens if you do not close them in the right order?
[b][color=orange]Text goes here[/b][/color] gives you [color=orange]Text goes here[/color]
[color=orange][b]Text goes here[/color][/b] gives you [b]Text goes here[/b]
You might get unwanted results.

Example: Link + Colour ([url=] and [color=])
When adding some colour to the links, things might get a bit tricky.
[color=pink][url=]Text goes here[/url][/color] gives you Text goes here
A link will automatically turn the text blue (and purple if you have visited the link). As you may see, the colour codes ([color=]) won't be applied here since they were added before the link code ([url=]), hence the link code overwriting the colour code.

How do we fix this? By adding codes in the correct order.
[url=][color=pink]Text goes here[/color][/url] gives you Text goes here

Example: Link + Image ([url=] and [img] or [img align=])
As shown in the previous example, if the code is prioritized wrong it will not work properly. Same thing is applied here when combining these two codes.
The results actually gets worse than that, since it would link everything between the codes marked in red. These are not the results we wanted.

Unlike the previous examples, the link to the image must be between the image codes ([img] or [img=align]). Adding anything but the link to the image will cause the image code to not display properly, even giving you a broken thumbnail. This time, we make sure that the codes are prioritized correctly and that only the image link is between the codes.

4. Formatting with BBcodes
Re-arranging your text are done with help of 2.3 Format Codes, which can turn out to be a bit tricky sometimes. This will cover what properties they have and how you work with them.

4.1 Formatting
Before you start adding these codes, it's important to note that you will get an extra line-break if you start the following BBcodes on the next line!
What I mean by that is the following:
[quote]Text goes here[/quote]

Gives you

See how there is a space between the text and the second image? Unless you put everything on the same line, this will occur with various codes. Putting everything on the same line will instead result in:
[center][img][/img][quote]Text goes here[/quote][img][/img][/center]

Gives you

Looks much better now, unless you actually want to put an empty line there of course. Your codes will look messy after a while.

4.2 Simple Aligning
There are five ways to align images and two ways to align text (since they are both automatically aligned to the left).
You are most likely already familiar with some of them: [center] and [right]. By applying the code, the text or image will move to their respective code; center or right.
However, you cannot apply more than one of the codes for each line. As in, if you want to add a text to the middle and to the right, the code applied second will cause the next text (or image) jump down one line:
[center]Text goes here [right]Text goes here[/right][/center] and
[center]Text goes here[/center] [right]Text goes here[/right] both gives you:
Text goes here
Text goes here

4.3 Image Aligning

Work in progress!

5. Building Your Profile

Work in progress!

6. Frequently Asked Questions / F.A.Q

Nothing here!

7. Changelog

December 20, 2015 - Fixed the codes after the recent BBcode update.
January 21, 2017 - Fixed the links as "www." does not work properly anymore. Also updated quotes and added mention.
Posted by Snow | Nov 23, 2015 1:19 AM | 12 comments
FukImOutGUys | Feb 10, 2018 11:56 PM
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EmberJuliet | Feb 6, 2018 2:17 PM
Is there a bb code for line breaks?
pmf96 | Nov 28, 2017 10:30 AM
Hi, sorry to bother, but I have a question, so if you could help me out I would be really happy.

Do you know if we can have text and the spoiler thing/button right in front of the text instead of bellow?

It always appears like this:

... or, is there any way besides the spoiler code to hide text?
EmberJuliet | Nov 6, 2017 4:35 PM
My images won't aline... ;-;
I want my image to be in the middle, but this is what happens:

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong...
lihle808 | Sep 29, 2017 1:37 PM
Thanks a lot you are a great teacher
Yousii | Jul 2, 2017 6:37 PM
This rlly helped me, thank you!
Saijou-Sensei | Jun 6, 2017 2:25 AM
nice very useful info
hanamaki | Mar 21, 2017 6:04 AM
How can I reduce the space between lines? The gap is too wide D:
AX3M | Feb 21, 2017 7:30 AM
Hey, anyone know how to align text to the left manually?
pmf96 | Jan 2, 2017 1:09 PM
I don't seem to find. How to write only text in both sides and same line. :(
It's even possible?
shrineghost | Dec 4, 2016 11:18 PM
thank you so much, this guide was so useful to me ♥
grave_robber | Oct 28, 2016 6:23 AM
This has to be one of the best and most detailed BBCod guides on MAL. Great job! =3