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Nov 2, 2015 1:21 AM
Anime Relations: Urusei Yatsura
Here is a list of my favorite anime OST, OP, ED, etc. that I'd also recommend to fellow fans. Some I like for music, some for animation and some for both. It's going to be a long list in the end, so instead of sorting it by favorites or by year, I'll do a bit of both. To make navigation easier, classic anime titles are in purple and modern anime are in blue.
NOTE: Some of the music on youtube is sped up/slowed down, due to copyright reasons, so get the original OST for the best experience.
Plus, this list is a work in progress - it'll take me some time to add all the favorite's I've been listening to over the years.

City Hunter
80's music galore! This anime was just insanely packed with great tunes.
Footsteps: - Whenever this came on you knew it was action time!
Forever in my heart:
Get Wild:
Go Go Heaven:
Running To Horizon:
Just Like Magic:
Angel Night:
Super Girl:
Atsuku Naretara:
Down Town Game:
May Be Rich:
Midnight Lightning:
Want your love:
Never go away:
Suna No Castle No Casanova:
Smile & Smile:
Machi-Juu Sophisticate:
Lonely Lullaby:

OP (Active Heart): - This OP will get you running.
Fly High:
March of the Exelion:
Beyond the river of time: - The wonderful ending song, perfect for contemplating life and the vastness of universe.

Project A-ko

Follow Your Dreams: . Listen to this every morning to stay healthy kids!
Morning Light type A: . If there's one melody that represents the 80's, this is it.

No Gun's Life
OP - Motor City: . This is the kind of riff that gets stuck in your head. Absolutely savage stuff from Kenichi Asai.
ED - Game Over:

Kemono Michi
ED - Anegdot: . So cute!

Ore wo suki
ED: . The way the music is coordinated with the visuals is somehow very satisfying, not to mention relaxing.

Ahiru no Sora
OP: . You know shit's about to go down when a sports anime opens with a cool song like this!

Carole & Tuesday
This being a Watanabe musical anime it's not surprising it has insanely good music and animation.
OP -
ED -

Shield Bro
OP 2 - . It's like an explosion, but both OP's have kick-ass animation. Shield bro has some amazing background music as well, made by Kevin Penkin.
OP -
ED 2 -
A touch of light:

Demon Slayer
ED - . I like the singer's voice and the song has some interesting elements right before the chorus.

Dororo (2019)
Both the OP and ED are wonderfully sentimental and sorrowful just like the anime itself.
OP - Kaen:
ED - Sayonara Gokko:

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
ED - .

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Gaiden OP 1: - all of the LOGH openings are incredibly beautiful and sentimental, but this one has a special place in my heart.
OP 1:
OP 3 - Sea of the Stars:

Promised Neverland
OP - Touch Off: - quite the catchy pop tune, but also fierce!

Kaguya-sama (Love is War)
OP - - smooth!
ED2 - - Chika's cute dance!

Goblin Slayer
OP - . Listen to it, all of it! It's just the right background for slaying a horde of goblins!

Bunny Girl Senpai
ED - . This multiple VA version is just mesmerizing.

SAO Alicization
OP - . It looks and sounds amazing. I mean it's hard to top "shiny sword my diamond".

King's game
OP - . Feed the fire!

Urusei Yatsura
Spanning over a decade, with nearly 200 episodes and several movies and OVAs, Urusei Yatsura has a heap of great 80's tunes. I'll try to limit it to a small selection here.

Cutey Honey
'79 - . The groovy original, just listen to that bass line!
Flash - . The fan favorite, the trumpets at the start are just so catchy!
Shin - . This one has the best "onega-i"!
Re: - .

Nodame Cantabile
Nodame could easily be my favorite anime just for the OP alone, with it's awesome positive progression. Seriously, this OP descends on you like a thunderstorm.

OP - Distance: - I love the refrain on this song, they certainly took an interesting pitch on some of the notes.

Darling in the Franxx
ED - . The violins are great.

7 Deadly Sins
Season 2 ED - Beautiful by Anly:

Udon no Kuni
OP - .

One Piece
When One Piece first started out (and had a more relaxed production schedule) the team behind it was able to create an amazing soundtrack that paired well with the beautiful hand-drawn pastel background.
  • We are! - The most famous tune from One Piece that every true pirate must sing to!

  • To The Grand Line - The Grand Line, the great sea where destinies clash, are made and broken! This melody brings out the tears, even if you don't want to shed them.

  • Crazy Rainbow Star - One of the most upbeat openings. The video is awesome too, just Straw Hats chilling and doing funny things!

  • Bon Voyage - Another great opening, that has both emotional moments and Straw Hats chilling.

  • Mirai Kokai (full) - A very relaxing ending.

  • Before Dawn (full) - A very much 90's ending, with great energy behind it.

  • Run, Run, Run - An even more 90's ending.

  • Fish - Another energetic ending, this one is more reminiscent of the 80's.

  • Good Bye Alabasta - I'm not crying dammit, real friendship is eternal!

  • Nakama no Shirushi da - Friends, let us go on a grand adventure! 1:37 will make you cry T_T .

  • Hurricane Girls - it's Nami and Robin at their coolest, it's impossible to dislike this!

  • Ikari Wo Kureyo - The One Piece Gold movie ending. Glim Spanky will blow your ears out with this soul-shredding goodness.

  • Soul Pocus - an amazing and very emotional ending to the WCI arc.

Wolf Girl and the Black Prince
ED - Wolf Heart, Oresama: - the amount of stuff drawn in this official video is bonkers.

Golden Time
  • Sweet & Sweet Cherry - This ending is so cute and upbeat!

  • Ending 2 - Cute! I love all the sounds they put in, that clapping is contagious.

  • World's End - Amazing composition and video. My heart feels like thumping when I listen to this.

ED 1-12: .
Do you have time? Amazingly enough this show has 12 different ending songs. They're all very fitting with the daily high school theme, but my favorites are ED 2, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11.

OP - .

OP - - incredibly catchy and amazing

Sakurasou no pet na kanojo
ED 1 - . "I'm a dreamer!" gets me every time.
ED 2 -

ED (PSP game) - . The anime has many ED's, but this one is my favorite. It's so nostalgic and the drums are catchy.

Perfect Insider
Both the opening and the ending are quite a sight.

The opening just blasts you away with acid colors.

Prison School
OP - . The perfect delinquent theme.

Ping Pong the animation
OP - . So intense it'll rip your pants off your butt.

Nidaime ED - . Unfortunately I don't have any other link, because it keeps getting deleted. This ED was incredibly catchy, I had to listen to it every single time it came on.

Itazura na Kiss

Bubblegum Crysis
There's a hurricane tonight: . Oh yes there is!

Infinite Ryvius
OP - .

Adieu Galaxy Express 999
Sayonara: - one of the best anime movie endings ever. Adieu GE 999 is a masterpiece you just need to soak in with all of your senses.
Main theme:
Love theme:

Fushigi Yuugi
Tokimeki Doukasen - ED:
Miyaka Action theme:
Not for the feint of heart, this anime is quite a roller coaster of emotions, though I kept coming back for that ED.

A few songs from the huge Gundam franchise.

Space Adventure Cobra
Daydream romance by Shigeru Matsuzaki - Movie OP: (video, with English dub).
Absolutely breathtaking opening. Do yourself a favor and listen to the Japanese original which fits perfectly with the video.

Dirty Pair - Project Eden
Safari Eyes OP: . Another absolutely wild OP.
Through the danger: .
Matters to me: .

Food wars
OP -
ED -
A bit NSFW-ish, but both intriguing visually and audibly.

Dubstep and metal, both OP's are pretty glorious.
OP1 -
OP 2 -

Death Parade
OP - . Though I prefer Death Billiards, there's no escaping this catchy OP.

Lupin III

Instead of listing separate anime, I'll just list all the songs made by Angela here. Whenever I see their name on a new anime song I know it's going to be great.

OP -
ED 4 - . Vocaloid on rampage.

Waiting for the rain, ED - .

ED -

Baby Steps
OP -

Maison Ikkoku
Hello Sadness - OP1: .
Get Down - ED: . They only used this ending once, possibly because they didn't get the copy rights for the song.

A town where you live
ED -
Hosoya's velvet voice makes this ED.

Attack on Titan
OP -
ED -
When AOT came out, the OP caused quite an euphoria which resulted in a lot of parodies being made. The ED is perhaps even more amazing, with great emotions and instrumental inserts behind it.

World god only knows
OP -
The anime might not give it away, but the full OP is an amazingly lengthy composition with the melody and rhythm changing up several times.

Idol Densetsu Eriko
If you're looking for a defining 80's OST, this has to be damn near the top. It pretty much consists of top-level idol songs. Just listen to Eriko's voice, it's clear as a glass!
Suki yo:
Locomotion dream:
Watashi wa soyokaze:
Namida no hanbun:
Rolling Nite:
Unchained Heart:
Blue Moon:

Creamy Mami
This was the musical and magic girl anime of the early 80's, much of which is owed to Takako Ohta's crystal clear voice. And obviously Megumi's thunder slaps.
Binkan Rouge:
Pajama no Mama de:
Love Seringaku:
Beautiful shock:
Delicato no sukishite:

Boys Over Flowers
OP: - Makino kicked ass and so does this OP which involves some crazy dancing

Marmalade Boy
OP: - The famous OP and basically the whole OST was ridiculously catchy, as befits any proper shoujo show.
Rival Arimi: - My favorite of the lot. The best song for the stormy girl!

The dagger of Kamui
OST: - a ridiculously good mix of ethno rock.
Kamui no Ken:

Black Lagoon
OP -

Salaryman Kintaro
OP: - this is one of those weird obscure anime that have a pretty good OP.

F - エフ
ED - .

Burst Angel
Jou no theme:
Jou no theme 2:

New order:

Gunsmith Cats
Do it Minnie May!: - well, how often do you hear female Japanese rap xD?

Fantastic Adventure of Yohko (Leda)
Kaze to Bouquet no Serenade:

OP -
ED -
It's the slightly cheaper version of Macross, but you have to appreciate it's style. And that ED which doesn't have much to do with the anime itself.

Cosmo Police Justy
ED -

Tokimeki Tonight
OP - .
ED - .
One of my favorite comedies, even though the production was really wonky at times. You can't deny the uniqueness of that OP and ED.

Megazone 23
Having it's own idol - Eve Tokimatsuri - of course Megazone 23 had a bunch of catchy songs, yes even the shoddy made Part III.

Black Heaven - Hard rock save the space
OP -

The "I don't know where I found these but they might be NSFW" category
Ahem, seriously, I just happened to find these by chance!

Kiss X Siss - Steady Boy ED - . The full, 4 minute dance, it just keeps going! This has been copyrighted to hell and it's very hard to find out in the open ಠ_ಠ .

Highschool DxD OP 1 - . Listen to that legendary opening riff.
Highschool DxD Born ED - . I love the "do-you do-you" part. Also when the reggae drops in.

Hajimete no Gal ED - . I always find the high school garage band sounding productions amusing and surely this ED has a bunch of beats and melodies mashed in. It's also cute how the singer says "a-ta-ta-ke nai."
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