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Aug 26, 2015 7:51 AM
Anime Relations: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill
I'm not quite sure how to describe kill la kill... "one hell of a ride" doesn't really describe it... maybe "one hell of a NAKED ride" is more... fitting... he he he...

In this post I will probably be comparing it to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann a lot, since most people expected it to be a second gurren lagann, and it has a lot of similarities.
This also means there will be some GURREN LAGANN SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

The main problem I have with kill la kill is it's exaggeratedly cartoony style. It's just not possible to take an anime even remotely serious if in the middle of a battle half of the people watching get blown away by an attack. In comparison, gurren lagann always drew a line there, and never used the implication of people dying, or getting badly hurt just to make an attack seem stronger, and then act like nothing serious happened at all. This is not a bad thing by itself, but it distances the anime from reality. When I started watching it, I immediately thought "okay, so it's going to be one of those animes" and never even started taking anything seriously.
Think of Kaminas death: if someone died at the beginning of kill la kill, it would have seemed completely out of place.
Why would I really care about any characters, if I know their actions don't have any consequences except for the main plot line? Why SHOULD I care about some random characters that can get blown through a wall and just stand back up because nothing has any consequences and is just there to be over the top and look cool?
Gurren Lagann did this over the top stuff too, but whenever things got serious, the possibility of stuff going wrong was always there. And I am not talking about knowing that the characters are plot-armoured, that is completely fine and doesn't really destroy the tension if the story is good enough, and has some plausible reasons WHY the main characters always survive somehow, but if the entire universe of the anime is set up as a safety net, where you can get shot, stabbed, slashed, blown through a wall and shot with money and still stand up like nothing happened, it really takes away the tension behind the action.

This kind of changes during the final third of the show, where things start to get serious, and human lives actually start to matter. That was the moment when I really got to enjoy the anime, because the safety net was gone. Yeah, the main characters were still plot-armoured, but at least the situations where truly dangerous, even if everybody knew they'd survive it because the plot demanded them to. They COULD have killed of some of the main characters to show that there is no plot armour, but after the first two thirds that would have been taking it too far.
As for senketsus death in the end, what the hell??? That was completely unneeded. They just killed off a character to wrap up the story, because it would have been inconvenient to leave this overpowered thing lying around after the clearing the end boss, but come on, just having him burn up in the atmosphere? They could have at least let him die in battle, or sacrifice himself to save humanity or something that would make it seem more relevant, but instead they just had the last-episode-garbage-collection take care of all the supernatural stuff and didn't care at all about their characters.
If the story treats its characters with respect, the fans will respect the characters, and that's how you create long lasting fandoms. That's why Kill la Kill will never be a second Gurren Lagann, and why it won't "save anime". It's a cheap attempt to fuse anime with a more western and cartoony style, in a way that just doesn't hold together.
The art style further increased this effect; there was no attempt to create a coherent universe, the visual style constantly tried to create a distance from reality, using unnatural colours, perspectives, cartoony movement patterns, etc.
Again, let's have a look at gurren lagann: there was a lot of unrealistic transformations, but there always was something behind it. A large mecha regenerating and moving some mechanical-looking parts to transform into a cooler mecha is kind of plausible, because there's this impression of a lot of inner mechanical stuff going on behind the scenes, but a scissor blade undergoing the same mechanical-looking transformation and get WAY smaller is jut ridiculous, as there is no illusion of complex technological stuff going on.
As for the soundtrack, I think they went over the top. again. what a surprise.
Yes, it sounds absolutely awesome, but kill la kill is not an awesome anime, it's just cartoony, funny and over the top. To me it felt like a clowns performance with Mozarts dies irae as the background soundtrack. It just doesn't fit.
Also, if you think engrish is funny, you have NO IDEA how weird it feels to me to listen to "blumenkranz", which is supposedly sung in German. It really sounds like the singer hadn't ever read the lyrics before singing them.
As always, I am not saying kill la kill is a bad anime; if it was I wouldn't bother to write about it, it just bothers me a gerat deal to see all this wasted potential, and how people love it for what it is not, and it is definitely not an epic masterpiece.
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