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Jun 14, 2015 8:42 AM
Anime Relations: Plastic Memories
(as of episode 11)

When, in a romance anime, a male and a female character get put in the same team, it's clear from the start that they are going to end up together.
If one of said characters is a robot with a limited lifespan, it is also clear, that this is going to be the main source of drama in the relationship of said characters.
This is the problem I have with this anime; it is just too predictable.
Plastic Memories combines an overarching storyline with episodic side-stories, which isn't a bad thing to do in general, but I feel like in this case the side-stories kind of got in the way of the development of the main storyline.
On the other hand, the anime used these side-stories to explain things about the setting, and, in a way, set the stage for the main story-line, telling us exactly why we should even care, and what exactly happens to these androids once their lifespan expires.
The problem with this is that the setting makes no sense, once you think about it. A word where androids are built that are self-aware, have emotions, and coexist with mankind there would be a lot of problems.
First of all, these androids have a limited lifespan, and nobody seems to complain about it. In such a world, there should be a lot of people in favor and against androids having human rights, debates about computers actually being lifeforms, deserving rights. Problems with ownership, as they seem to be bought, though the anime never really tells us about that.
A setting like this could be used to explore a variety of concepts, ones that have been used a lot, others that have not been seen that much, specially in anime. The possibilities seem endless. One could make all kinds of animes, including romance animes, that actually used these possibilities to include these topics in the story.
Instead, plastic memories plays it safe and, in the end, the existance of these androids are in no way necessary to the story. One could PERFECTLY just use an uncurable illnes, like so many other shows have done before.

In the end, plastic memories is not bad by any means, but the moment one thinks about the flaws with the settings and all the things it could have done but never did, it becomes hard to appreciate it for what it is and be okay with that.
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