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Sep 10, 2010 1:56 PM
So there are 4 days left for a RightStuf sale on Tokyopop manga. I checked my order history to see if there were any new series that I was collecting which I may be able to pre-order some newly listed volumes of. Well, I came out to having Deadman Wonderland, Future Diary, and Qwaser of Stigmata in my recent orders. Out of those, Deadman Wonderland has one new volume listed which I haven't ordered yet, Future Diary has two, and Qwaser of Stigmata still only has volume one listed which I already own. Okay, so I could add those three more volumes of manga to my pre-orders. Then I started to look at my manga collection on ANN to see if there were any other Tokyopop manga that I've been collecting that I haven't finished yet. Well, I had Boys Be, the GTO prequel, Love Attack, and Futari H on my list. And you know what? All four of those have pretty much been dropped by the company!

And that just sucks. I have four series in my collection that I'll probably never finish collecting. With Boys Be at least those are all mostly collections of unrelated short stories. And Futari H is a super long running series that I probably wouldn't have finished anyway. So I can live without ever finishing those. But with the other two I only have three potions for them: (1) Hope that another US company license rescues them; (2) Own part of the series in English and buy the rest in Japanese, continuing to read them in scanlation form; or (3) Re-order the entire series in Japanese so that I have at least one consistent collection of each and maybe give away the English copies I have.

License rescues would be the best option. I would just love it if Yen Press would rescue GTO, not just the prequel in question but also a re-release of the 25 volume series that we know best considering how horribly Tokyopop butchered it in their release. It'd also be nice if they licensed Bad Company and the new Shonan 14 Days. And yeah, I'd also really like to see Love Attack continued in English.

Now although this kind of thing really sucks, the worst part of all is that I'm becoming scared to trust the releases of Tokyopop and other US manga localization companies. Who's to say that Tokyopop will finish releasing Deadman Wonderland, Furture Diary, and Qwaser of Stigmata? They might just give up on them eventually just like those other four series I was buying from them. I was looking through other series in the RightStuf sale but I was scared to start collecting any new series. I'm really interested in Aqua/Aria but Aria isn't finished yet and who's to say it will complete its 12 volume run in English? Who knows if Tokyopop will even last as a company? It sucks. And even beyond Tokyopop, who's to say we can trust the other US companies either? What if Viz or Del Rey start to lose a grip on their properties? The prospects for Nodame Cantabile and a few other Del Rey manga are already looking bad. The only company right now that really looks good to me is Yen Press. They seem to have put a very good plan into action and are doing very well for themselves. It's just a bit of a bad time to be a manga fan, but hopefully we'll get through it. In the mean time, Tokyopop sucks. Laters!
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