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Apr 11, 2015 6:35 PM
Anime Relations: Haikyuu!!, Haikyuu!! Second Season

Here's an update on what I've been watching lately and my thoughts on certain things to do with anime.

So this month I've been going on and off anime a lot. If you look at my Anime list then you can see that I'm watching ten anime at this moment in time. I normally try to stick to watching only one Anime, but for some reason I just felt like watching all of them at once. Not a good idea.

Because of this I've lost track on the story in those anime and will have to watch them again. A few of them though, I wont need to.

Since I only joined MyAnimeList on March the 23rd, I still have both Anime and Manga that I still need to add to my list. The only problem is remembering them.


I've recently finished Haikyuu and I intend on writing a review about it. For someone who doesn't normally watch sports Anime, I really enjoyed watching Haikyuu. Funnily enough, I was hesitant to watch Free but when I did, it opened up the sports Anime genre for me. I always used to judge sports Anime. I don't know what it was. Maybe my mind wasn't mature enough to accept the animation at that moment in time. If that really was the case, then I'm immature and silly.

Yes, I used to be the type of person who wouldn't watch a show due to the animation. Now I look back on that past me and laugh at me at how much quality Anime I was missing out on.

Also, I really have no idea if Anime is supposed to have a capital letter or not but my computer keeps correcting me so I don't know. If you do, can you please comment for me? Thanks.

But yeah, now that Free introduced me to Haikyuu I really look forward to watching other anime like it.

My favorite characters in Haikyuu are Hinata and Suga. I mean- look at them!

This adorable orange-haired boy is Hinata. He's the type that really give everything his all. He's also really cheerful and never stops talking.
He's also kind of dense.

This is Sugu. He's normally calm and collected. He's very intelligent and normally thinks of the strategy's in matches.
I'm so glad that this isn't an action anime because if it was then he'd be dead by now.

For some reason in 50% of the action anime's I watch the white / gray haired anime characters either:

  • Get badly injured,
  • Become depressed due to a devastating past,
  • Or die.

It's sad too because I love white-haired anime characters.

I can't wait until the second season of Haikyuu!!

That's all I have to say for today. I don't know when my next blog update will be so try to stay tuned. I mean- if you want. I'm not forcing you.
This is my first blog on this page so I apologize if I rambled on a little.
;^; I hope that my BBCode worked correctly.

Edit: I forgot to mention something.

This. This is what I forgot to mention. xD
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