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Jan 15, 2015 7:26 AM
Anime Relations: Death Note, Vampire Knight, Deadman Wonderland, Mirai Nikki OVA, Sword Art Online, No Game No Life

I guess everyone have some characters they just can't stand.
So, obviously I have too.

These character's biggest sins are unbelievability and purposefullness.
And just plain irratativeness.

Of course there is one turncoat, who lost my good books in the middle of the series.

Kirigaya Kazuto
Too perfect, too heroic, too humble, too invulnerable
Kirito just doesn't feel real - and that's why I don't feel any emotions for him.
He should grow a pair to be with a girl like Asuna.

Amano Yukiteru
His helplessness makes me want to scream?
He cried how weak he is, he whined - and never did a thing to became stronger.
Was your age four or fourteen?

Igarashi Ganta
Another whiner, another crier.
Eventually he actually grew som balls and saved his face.
But little too little, little too late.

Amane Misa
An epithomy of a spoiled, irritating brat.
Built with a shrill voice, what she used frequently to scream.
Can I have some earplugs, please?

Dola Stephanie
A girl who exists only for two purposes, comedy and fan service.
She's good at those, don't get me wrong, and is sometimes adorable too.
But in the end just an empty shell.

Cross Yuki
The most helpless heroine there is.
There's two most gorgeous men who like her and she likes them back.
But the only action is a confused staring with teary eyes.

Yagami Light
Oh, Poor Light, I loved you at the beginning.
Why had you turn into a cruel, selfish bastard, who only thinks for himself?
You died to me after the episode 25.

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