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Jun 6, 2014 8:08 PM
Anime Relations: Yuukan Club

Club Membership Badges and Cards
In alphatbetical order by club

Special Permits

All the Hot Guys

Anime Alliance Club

Anime Animals/Creatures

Ashes of Our Chaos

Aura Glassia: The Fantasy Garden

Bizarre Union

Candy Kingdom

Card Dreamland

Closer to Heaven


Dango Daikazoku


Dear Clouds/Majestic Altair/Sky Journey


Eternal Esylum

Ethereal Realm

Just Another Yaoi Club

J-WOW (Just Wannabe Otakus Welcome!)

Luna Spirit Kingdom

Lyrical Harmony

Moonlit Clearing

Movie Anime Member Card

Myouren Temple

The Queens Safe Haven

Rant Café

Shirubu Festival

Taco's Tiger Land

Town Square Club

Tribute's Card Shop

Twilight Symphony


Yukio Club


CLOSED/No Longer a Member/Inactive

Expired Permit Cards

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