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Jun 6, 2014 8:08 PM
Anime Relations: Yuukan Club

Club Membership Badges and Cards
In alphatbetical order by club

Special Permits

All the Hot Guys

Anime Animals/Creatures

AniManga Card Empire

Anime Watching Challenges

Annie's Cookie Shop

Candy Kingdom

Card Dreamland

Counting Clouds

Cyber Punks

Dear Clouds/Majestic Altair/Sky Journey/Crown Royale

Just Another Yaoi Club

J-WOW (Just Wannabe Otakus Welcome!)

Luna Spirit Kingdom

Movie Anime Member Card (MAMC)

Myouren Temple

Sweet n' Sour

Taco's Tiger Land


CLOSED/No Longer a Member/Inactive

Closed / Staff Member

Expired Permit Cards

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