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Aug 17, 2010 8:40 AM
So yesterday I received an order from RightStuf which had over 20 manga volumes in it. After putting everything into My Manga on ANN, I got up to 1001 items in my Manga Collection!! Pretty nice little milestone. ^_^ It's not just a pure manga collection, though. I also have novels, artbooks, my Shojo Beat issues, and a few other things. But there are also a number of things that are not in my collection like my Yen Plus issues, my Japanese Bakemonogatari novels, my volume one Japanese copy of Nononono, and even one of the new English manga books that I just got in my RightStuf order, Himeyuka and Rozione's Story. They just don't have the appropriate Encyclopedia entries on the site to add those items to my collection. It'd be nice if MAL had a collection system, but I guess they're more about online distribution than actually buying stuff. Oh well. Still, it makes me feel pretty good to have come this far. I need to make pictures when I get a better digital camera. :)

In other news, my girlfriend and I actually have Anime Compatibility with each other now! We're at 90.1%! Pretty cool. I guess we just had to have at least 11 items in common and rated. Yay! ^_^
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