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Jul 22, 2010 8:54 AM
Yes! One Manga is removing its manga!! I'm sure a lot of people here on MAL, including some of my friends (sorry Mike and Mike), enjoyed this site and read from it regularly, but I for one am just so damn happy that it's been killed! I'm sorry, but this site really pissed me off. It has pretty much been the manga/scanlation equivalent of what the old versions of YouTube and Crunchyroll were for anime/fansubs. These sites or users on these sites basically steal the work of scanlation and fansub groups and distributed it in ways that make it retardedly easy for any little retard to read or watch them. Now this would be all fine and dandy if it wasn't for the fact that scanlations and fansubs are technically illegal. Especially when the properties have already been licensed for release in English by an actual legitimate company which actually paid for the rights to distribute it.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on scanlations or fansubs. I love them. I've read and watched about the same amount of them as I've enjoyed anime and manga from real localized products. I just hate all the damn gallery and streaming video sites. It's not that hard to get your material straight from the groups who do all the work. Tracker sites like Baka Updates and their Manga Updates site are the best way to get your stuff right from them in a more discreet way. Sites like One Manga just cause trouble. They just make it too easy for everyone to start reading manga online. And not just rare finds straight from Japan that don't have much of a chance of ever coming to the US but things that have well known, wide spread and popular releases here like Naruto and Bleach. These kinds of sites make it too easy for anyone to just get all of the free anime and manga they could ever need. It's so easy that average 10-12 year olds who may not even know how to properly use zip, bittorrent, or mkv files can do it. They just get on these sites, watch and read all they want, and have no desire or need to ever actually pay for their anime and manga. It has really been killing the industry over the years. It's just lame and I'm glad One Manga is coming down now.

That is all. For all you who liked the site and don't want to bother with actually just getting your stuff from the source, happy hunting for a good replacement and good luck with it not going down as well. ^_^
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