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Sep 23, 2012 3:59 PM
Anime Relations: Kyou kara Maou!, Slayers Next, Slayers Try, Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Brothers, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
September 19

Other than high school friends, college friends and internet friends there's nobody here but random lurkers and random people... until now! A plug goes to the first person from work to lay eyes on all this internet crazyness. Don't get too weirded out and don't take anything too seriously, okay? My long time allies are used to it by now. XD Madoka Magica's opening with Homura in place of Madoka. Cute ^_^ Homura is my favorite character and the one with the coolest power. Mani comes in second. Here's another song from the series

I have a whole folder of old doodles I want to pot, which I'll be posting little by little once I get them through gimp. Trying to fix up my site too, right now it bores me. I'm simplifying it. It's a bit overloaded with old stuff I don't use anymore so some cleaning up is in order.

September 23

Having fun with the fan site scavenger hunt at Amassment :D I haven't been doing much except writing fanfics lately. I'm taking a little break from webdesign until I finish the 2 fics I'm writing right now. Then I have other story ideas, but I'll think about that later, they're not too long anyway. I'm not done uploading pics at Pintrest yet, I'll finish that soon.

September 19 - Uploaded a bunch of stuff.

September 19 - Slayers Chaos 30: Pieces! Parts Of A Whole (Slayers)
September 20 - Cat and Mouse 6: A Prince Upon A Horse (Harvest Moon)
September 20 - Slayers Chaos 31: Combined! To Be As One (Slayers)
September 21 - Cat and Mouse 7: Assistant (Harvest Moon)
September 23 - Slayers Chaos 32: Broken! Picking Up The Pieces (Slayers)

September 19 - Tiffany Color (Slayers)
September 19 - Cleo Color (Slayers)
September 19 - Narez Color (Slayers)
September 19 - Aoshi (Super Mario)
September 19 - Fang (Slayers)
September 22 - Conrad Icon and Cursor (Kyo Kara Maoh!)

September 21 - Cheese Thing
September 23 - Oreo Donut
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