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Aug 7, 2012 9:45 PM
Anime Relations: Angel Beats!
So I finished watching the last four episodes of Angel Beats.

Busy day. I actually got stuff done. Grocery shopping at three stores, even bought some frozen veggies. That is hard to do in the summer when you ride a bus to go shopping. It was cool in the morning so I took my insulated bag to the nearest store. I got lucky as soon as I walked to the bus stop the bus showed up. I didn't have to wait. The bus ride is only ten minutes so nothing was soft when I got home. I guess it won't hurt veggies, but I don't want everything to melt before I can get them in the freezer.

I also bought a pair of work boots. I almost put this chore off until Wednesday or Thursday. But I didn't want to waste a shave, shower and clean clothes. Since I was already cleaned up and presentable might as well get every thing done today. Now I can stay home and not have to go out. I may go for walks to get some exercise but I don't need to be all cleaned up for that.

I drank half of my weekly bottle of wine while watching Angel Beats. Now that I am finished with Angel Beats I should watch some more of Mushishi. I think I am about half way through with this one. I should also look at my On Hold list and either drop or watch. Now that I think about it I could look at some that I dropped and give them another chance. Some I dropped years ago and maybe my interest has changed. Just a thought.
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