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Jul 24, 2012 4:43 PM
Anime Relations: Batman: Gotham Knight
Was gonna go see batman but plans got cancelled cause of my friends appendix. They are ok and just sleeping it off now but we had a big weekend planned. I ended up cleaning my place a lot and it was just very slow.

Anyway i have put a few more reviews including Resident Evil/Biohazard a DBZ Movie and a OVA i just finished watching.

Nearly at 700 Profile views and tho my reviews aren't getting many helpful's i am happy that some people are finding them useful. Keeping up a steady pace of maybe 1-4 Depending on my mood a day.

I wrote a few and then decided not to post them cause i felt they were not doing the show justice or the words just were not right. I need to keep practicing my reviews and always remember there's a edit button.

Also i am 2 anime from being at a total of 800 completed! so excited that's a milestone i didn't know i had till recently.
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