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Jul 11, 2012 6:59 PM
Anime Relations: Soul Eater
I make a habit of writing character image poetry about my favorite characters in anime. The first one I did was about Crona from Soul Eater. There are spoilers, so please only read this if you have watched the anime or read the manga, thank you~!

From the sinister, roaring Hell inside my head,
Nothing can escape.
I am a device of my mother’s cruelty,
I am a beast without fangs.

Black is my blood, and shriveled is my heart,
Gone empty from years of disuse.
I can no longer hear my own sobs,
Over the raging of that Hell inside my head.

Those voices, my little one,
Can you hear them?
I will look away to splatter your blood, but,
You’ll only join them in the Hell inside my head.

This madness, all I have ever known,
Through it my waspish companion holds my hand.
Guiding me ever deeper,
Into the Hell inside my head.

If they hear my screams, they do not care.
If they see me weep, they turn away.
If they sense my shame, I am duly punished,
For heeding the Hell inside my head.

Unwillingly, I betrayed you.
From endless despair, you pulled me,
And to senseless pain, I returned you
No one understands ‘Alone.’

Nothing can reverse my failure,
No one can say I’m more than a filthy demon.
I must die for what I’ve done, for those I’ve killed,
I must join them in the Hell inside my head.

Your vicious barrage ceases,
You extend a ready hand,
Your courageous embrace warms me at last,
Dispersing the Hell inside my head.

I do not deserve your loving kindness
I hate myself, accepting your honest friendship with a lie.
All I can do is delay the horrors I am required to commit,
All I can do is wallow, in the Hell inside my head.

How can you be so wonderful, to a monstrous child like me?
You’re all I have, and yet you’re too beautiful,
Too spectacular to be near me, I’ll contaminate you.
I’ll mar your perfect soul with the Hell inside my head.

And so now I take my leave,
I walk to my just death, alone,
Known by none and missed by none.
I finally know how to deal with the Hell inside my head.
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