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Jul 1, 2012 8:12 PM
Anime Relations: Hyouka
So in the last few minutes of the last episode, it was shown that Oreki's solution to the mystery of the true suspect being the cameraman was false since according to Mayaka, there was no use of a rope that Hongou had ordered. He then received the same reaction from Satoshi and then Chitanda. As a result, he ordered a meeting with Irisu and accused her of using the Literature Club to subconsciously rewriting the movie script because she had thought that it was boring. This seemed to trigger Oreki's feelings and caused him to be furious, although he kept his feelings to himself. The next day, Chitanda and Oreki have a conversation on how the solution would have truly turned out if the script were how Hongou written it.

For some reason, this episode gave me a mixture of feelings. I felt somewhat letdown because of how 85% of the episode was everyone telling Oreki how worng his theory was. The only thing that I feel was accomplished was the secrets revealed behind the mystery and the true ending of how it ending. To me, it was not satisfying at all. The episode, if anything, made me feel uneasy. Although I felt somewhat relieved seeing that Oreki could have such expressful feelings.
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