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Jun 22, 2012 8:04 PM
Anime Relations: Hiiro no Kakera
You give someone advice, but they ignore it because they are too busy arguing with the people who came to start up something. Like just ignore them and talk to the people who are there to help you!

But hey I guess that just goes to show how boring positive people are, yes dramatic people are much more exciting!

Anyways I am actually really for work tomorrow........ready to get it over with. I am only interested in going because I will finally be able to get a hold of my store manager and tell him I found a MD that has open positions and all he needs to do is call.

I am worried that he will take a long time just to do that though but we will see tomorrow I guess. I'm going to do it at the start of my shift instead of waiting for eight hours to pass.

Something else I am also doing tomorrow is breaking up with my boyfriend. It's been a long distance thing and the reason I am ending it is because he is too sexual! Like we can't have a damn conversation without him leading it to sex. He never asks me how I am doing.

Whenever we talk he always tells me that he is nude and hard and it is annoying. That does not turn me on or put me in the mood let alone satfiy me.

I have my own actual meothds and he wants to say things like oh he can't watch porn and masterbate because it isn't the same as me doing this and that to him.

And also we can go months and weeks not talking to each other and we don't even have to be mad at each other. We just don't text or talk at all and when we finally do he just wants sex and I have talked to him about it and he just pretty much ignored it really.

I don't feel like this relationship is going anywhere and I guess the reason I hung on for so long was because I was hoping we would meet and live together or whatever, it gave me something to like look forward to. But now I just can't do this anymore.

I don't even think I love him anymore. I uswe to cling to him like there was no tomorrow back when I was younger. We would talk through email for hours! I mean we even had fights like every month too.

It was great and now it's just a burden and if I break up with him then hey he will be free to have a girlfriend in his own state and have real sex instead of settling for sex through texting and no I am not taking pictures of myself and sending it to him. Thank goodness my phone is for text and talk only and I can't send or get picture mail.

Anyways! I haven't talked about anime in forever! It makes me feel bad putting these anime relations in and the journal is nowhere close to the anime. Anyways! Tomorrow I work and it is just one day for eight hours. Mornings are always hard because there is nothing to do so I will be spending all my time in the bathroom because if I stand around in the kitchen I'm gonna get yelled at.

Lady and the Tramp comes on ABC Family at five and I get off at four! Yay! And then on Sunday Hiiro no Kakera comes out with a new episode!

Okay so maybe I do enjoy weekends, just not Fridays since ironically I can't stay up. I work eight to four tomorrow.
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