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May 5, 2012 5:52 AM
Anime Relations: Mezzo Forte, A Kite
Both OVAs are directed by Yasuomi Umetsu, which are his directorial debut (he previously work as an animator and/or character designer in Lupin III, Robot Carnival & Megazone 23 Part II) Both movies have very similar elements such as a highly trained female protagonist, the strange comedic tone, extremely violent and incredibly bloody and some over-the-top, stupefied, “fuck your psychics” action sequences. Yeah, that is about pretty much it—oh wait, this is a few sex scenes in both projects although Mezzo Forte has only one sex scene per episode and 2 per episode in Kite. However, they did edit both movies 5 minutes off but really; I don’t get how both movies are classified as a Hentai. Yes, I get the sex scenes but maybe it’s one of those series that focus on story rather than just explicit sex, which is actually a nice change of pace.

I can’t really say that both movies have a plot or that I can think of one. Kite is mainly focus on Sawa, an orphaned schoolgirl whose parents are victims of a gory double murder, who works for Akai, a crooked detective who take her in as guardian, one that forces her to be his sex slave…...that’s where the Hentai factor kicks in. Also, there is a fellow assassin named Oburi, who works with another detective Kanie (which almost sounds like ‘Kanye’. Try picturing that and what is with his starred-off eyes? He looks kind of brain-damaged.) And quickly he and Sawa develop a relationship and gain some emotional strength to free them from their guardians.

Mezzo Forte, on the other hand, has more a team dynamic rather than the backstabbing and betrayal element from Kite. The plot consists of the Danger Service Agency (3 members: Mikura, combat specialist; Kurokawa, the ex-cop & Harada, the technical specialist) hired by a mysterious old man to kidnap Momokichi Momoi, the mob boss owner of pro baseball team, the Peach Twisters. But the plan turns into shit and now his daughter Momomi Momoi wants revenge for her father and she is about as batshit insane as her father, but worse. Way worse. I noticed in the movie that there are two voice actresses for Mikura: One of them happens to be Melissa Fahn, who voices Edward in Cowboy Bebop and another one named Marie Court, who does the English sex scenes for her. Yeah, now that I think about it, hearing the voice of Edward having sex can be a head-scratcher to deal with.

Both of their animation are very lively and archaic and fit their over-the-top style of animation and it is one of Studio ARMS’ better productions. Although, ARMS may have done better in these two series, but does this change my opinion on them?

Actually, No. This was their earlier works and so far either show I watched recently from them either had good material but became too excessive with it (Elfen Lied) or either an massive bulls**t fest (Master of Marital Hearts).

As for music, I liked the music from Kite with its jazzy-like score that might resemble Yoko Kanno’s score from Cowboy Bebop but it is not that high-caliber of a score. Mezzo Forte has that action-feel score it mixes well into the action of the movie like an 80s’ action flick.

FINAL VERDICT: While Kite & Mezzo Forte may have the similar style of work, Mezzo Forte knows that it’s not taken itself seriously and it is a lot of fun to watch; Kite, however, can come as pretentious but not so much. It’s fun to watch, too, but it gets so unbelievably stupid and contrived, it can irk with you for a long mile. However, I would recommend this if you are in the mood for over-the-top anime.

But will I check out the sequels to both movies, Kite Liberator & Mezzo DSA sometime in the future.

Actually, yes on the latter.
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