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Mar 30, 2012 4:01 PM
Anime Relations: Slayers Next, Slayers Try
Real life conversations:

March 26 - Evening

Mom: "Is the flight leaving normally today or are you staying at work late? Can I see that map you look at with the little airplane?"

Me: (cranky) "I don't have internet!"

March 27 - Afternoon

Mom: "Could you check the lottery numbers?"

Me: (crankier) "I don't have internet! And you never win anything anyway!"

FYI mother, my computer is not cable of magically producing information without an internet connection.

March 29 - Afternoon

Dad: "How's the new internet?"

Me: "Good."

Dad: "Does it have different things as the old one?"

Me: "...It's the same internet, just a new connection."

Dad: "Are you used to it yet?"

Me: "...yes"

FYI father... I don't even know what to say.

At least dad seems to have a (very) vague idea of what the internet is. Mother thinks the whole net is magically inside my computer... all of it. Seriously, who has a HD that big?!


Mar 29 (Night) - Reno's charger is dead. If I twist it around it charges, but it's not enough. I couldn't finish downloading from the PSN because his battery died even if the cable was plugged. I need a new charger... Or maybe a new PSP... but I need to save the money first because my wifi was expensive. D:

Mar 30 (Afternoon) - Yesterday Reno's battery failed when my game was at 90% from the PSN. The data was corrupted and I wasted 500MB of internet that I'll still need to pay for. Man this "pay for quality" approach I took with my connection will take some getting used to. It wasn't the internet's fault though, it was Reno's charger failure. If I twist the cable around enough it starts to charge...

Mar 30 - Slayers Alive 83: Official! Smoothing Out The Technicalities

Mar 30 - Feathers (gimp brush)
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