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Mar 7, 2012 2:36 AM
Business website needs many things to take into consideration for search engine optimization point of view, while you are on way of website development. Text based website indexing well and fast on search engines, as search engine mainly crawls the text. can speed up your process. There are few web designing techniques to make your website more SEO friendly.

Flash Website:

Google Bot couldn’t crawl flash files previously. Thus website designed in Flash was not ranked well in search engines. But now search engine like Google have changed the algorithm to crawl text and links used in SWF files along with content from other files used by SWF files like HTML, XML, other SWF etc.

The issue of flash crawling is still persisting with other search engines except Google as they are unable to crawl the flash website. There is a solution of this also to define navigation and content development with HTML, while the website is designed in Flash.

Iframe Website:

Iframe is used to embed document within HTML file. Google recommendation is not to use Iframe for business website as Iframe website is not a search engine friendly website and Google is unable to crawl the complete website result in not properly indexing in search engine. In case of necessity for Iframe inclusion in website, text based links in Iframe must be given to crawl by web spider for indexing the content.

Google can index all types of files, pages and content as below:

Adobe Flash (.swf)

Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Adobe PostScript (.ps)

Autodesk Design Web Format (.dwf)

Google Earth (.kml, .kmz)

GPS eXchange Format (.gpx)

Hancom Hanword (.hwp)

HTML (.htm, .html, other file extensions)

Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)

OpenOffice presentation (.odp)

OpenOffice spreadsheet (.ods)

OpenOffice text (.odt)

Rich Text Format (.rtf, .wri)

Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

TeX/LaTeX (.tex)

Text (.txt, .text, other file extensions), including source code in common programming languages:

Basic source code (.bas)

C/C++ source code (.c, .cc, .cpp, .cxx, .h, .hpp)

C# source code (.cs)

Java source code (.java)

Perl source code (.pl)

Python source code (.py)

Wireless Markup Language (.wml, .wap)

XML (.xml)

In conclusion the above fact that new or re-designing the website should limit the use of rich media content. Text enriching content will make your website SEO friendly and help Google for well indexing your website.
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