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Jun 15, 2010 9:28 AM
So it's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog. Three months to be exact. There are various reasons for this, most of which fall into the category of "I have a life now" or something like that. After my previous post I drove across the country to return to New Mexico on March 19th. From there I was busy with settling into my new home, meeting with friends, and working towards getting a job with my old office. On April 10th I officially became a couple with a very nice girl named Desirae and we love each other very much and spend pretty much all available time together. Then on April 19th I started my new civilian contractor position with my old Air Force Finance office at Holloman. So yeah, with that I don't have much time for random blogging and other internet existence aside from quick updates of my list on here. I'm actually writing this post from work (don't tell anyone!). But it's all good. I'd be able to be at least a little active if it wasn't for one other thing that just tops it all off:

My computer sucks!! Yeah, my poor abused computer looks like it's on its last leg. When I got my new room ready and my computer set up, the damn thing actually didn't turn on! The power supply seemed to have gone bad during the move. Luckily the people I'm now living with have all kinds of extra computers so my little guy was able to get a heart transplant. But he was never quit the same. The heat in my new room would drive it crazy and I'd over work him to the max. I just got a window AC unit for my room, but now the wireless adaptor that I use to hook up to the houses internet is horribly finicky. It's always fading in and out, disconnecting at random, having trouble connecting in the first place, etc. It sucks. So yeah, even when I do have time to do things on the internet, it's such a pain in the ass that I usually don't even bother trying.

So to remedy this issue, I'm looking into getting a new Dell. At just under $900 it will have a 1TB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and a built in wireless adaptor. Dez said she would have sex with it. XD Unfortunately I have a trip to my best friend Mike's wedding in August to save up for so I probably won't be ordering the new computer until after then. But we'll see. Maybe the trip won't be too expensive. But for now I'll continue the struggle. XP
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