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Mar 2, 2012 5:02 PM
Anime Relations: Bible Black, Discipline
I’m getting older and getting married so it’s about time to get rid of these perverted things that don’t involve both me and my fiancée. So it’s time to try to sell a whole mess of hentai in the hopes to try to get a little bit of extra money to help cover wedding expenses and living costs (as well as some new non-hentai anime). So I have a great big load of hentai DVD’s as well as a few H-manga, doujinshi and a couple of H-games to sell to any interested party. These will all be sold one-on-one, communicating via email or forum message, and sold on a first come bases. All items are used, but in good condition unless otherwise noted....

Edit - 29 Jan 2015:

Today I received an email about someone who still wanted to buy some of my hentai and realized that I never updated this.... Well, I sold more and more of my stuff since the original post and then I realized that there was an adult only section of eBay and sold everything that was left. Yeah, so it's all gone! Sorry for the guy who contacted me and anyone else who thought stuff was still available, but thank you to everyone who bought stuff from me! Here is the final list of all of the stuff I sold....

Sold List:

The Affairs (Co-eD Affairs & Office Affairs)
After Class Lesson Volumes 1-3 box
Akiba Girls Volumes 1-3
Bible Black Volumes 1-4
Bible Black Only
Bible Black: New Testament Volumes 2-3
La Blue Girl Volumes 1-3 box
La Blue Girl Returns Volumes 1-3 box
La Blue Girl Live Action, 3 Disc Perfect Blue Box
Body Transfer
Boin Volumes 1-2
Bondage Mansion
Cantaloupe Collector
Consenting Adultery
Cool Devices (10th Anniversary Edition) Volumes 1-4
Dark Love
Dirty Laundry
Discipline Volumes 1-3
Dragon Pink
Forbidden Love Volumes 1-2
G-Taste Volumes 1-2
Holy Virgins
Immoral Sisters Volumes 1-3 box
Immoral Sisters 2
The Immorals
It’s a Family Affair Volumes 1-2
Jiburiru Volumes 1-4 box
Jiburiru: Second Coming Volumes 1-2
The Karma Saiyuki
Kiss in the Dark (Yaoi)
Kite Uncut
Learning the Hard Way
Magic Woman M (original Anime18 version)
Maid in Heaven Volumes 1-2
Maids in Dream Volumes 1-2
Mei King
Mezzo Forte Uncut
Momiji Volumes 1-4
Professor Shino’s Classes in Seduction
Ringetsu the Animation Volumes 1-3
Sex Warrior Pudding Volumes 1-3
Slave Sisters
Spa of Love
Sex Taxi Volumes 1-3 box
The Story of Little Monica
Urotsukidoji: Legendo of the Overfiend Volumes 1-4 (original Anime18 release, includes many versions of the Urotsukidouji series, too complicated to explain)
Urotsukidoji: New Saga Volumes 1-3 box
The Venus Files
Viper GTS
Wife Eater
Women at Work
Words Worth Perfect Collection

Bible Black

A Wish of my Sister (ENG)
Blue Eyes Volume 1 (ENG)
Council of Carnality Unlimited (ENG)
Daisuki dayo (JPN)
G-Taste Volumes 1-7 (including 4 1/2) (JPN)
Hatsu Inu Volumes 1-3 (JPN)
Maka-Maka Volumes 1-2 (JPN)
Pink Sniper (ENG)
Rate-Jiru (JPN)
Swing Out Sisters (ENG)

Bakemonogatari 1
Bakemonogatari 2
Black Lagoon 1
Black Lagoon 2
Black Lagoon 3
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 (non-H, some fan service)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
T2 Art Works by Tony
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 1
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 2
Toradora! 1
Toradora! 2
Toradora! 3

Claimed Live Action Porn Freebies
Japan Sweet Doll Pure Idol Vol. 03 Aya Fujii
Naughty Guide to Tokyo Nightlife
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