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Feb 29, 2012 12:00 AM
Anime Relations: Canaan
Canaan was just a great show. The characters are diverse, the idea and concepts of the show are interesting and the fight scenes are kick ass. It does just about everything you would expect this kind of show to do. Surprisingly enough the 13 episodes are a huge plus for this series than a minus like it normally is with this genre. The plot isn't anything amazing but it keeps you interested enough to want to see what will happen in the next episode and it kept me entertained and even though there are some answers that I would want from the show, the major loose ends are tied up enough for a good ending. The only thing is there are so many little things that I would love to be answered about the show which is one reason it got bumped down. Also, while being one of the most entertaining shows I've watched I wouldn't call it a perfect because as a whole the show didn't do anything special that stood out above the many shows I've watched. It just did a stellar job at combining all of it's features into one great and very entertaining show.
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