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Feb 4, 2012 11:16 PM
Winter Anime 1st Impressions Roundup -

- Ano Natsu de Matteru - AKA: "Waiting in the Summer", AKA: "We Still Don't Know the Name of the Alien We Saw That Day." but I'd rather just call it by a lot more easier title: "Onegai Senpai" becuase this is actually the newest anime series writen and produced by the "Onegai Teacher" people and it's original charactor designer Taraku Uon. Although for this series we also have "AnoHana" and "Toradora" director Tatsuyuki Nagai at the helm with animation designs from Masayoshi Tanaka from the same shows. And now as far as the actual anime, OT fans will definately feel literally right at home with this becuase again we have another cute and mysterious alien human that happens to land in yet another piece of beautiful Japanese country and yet another helpless teen boy is just caught in the middle, although this time the boy just so happens to die from the alien crash landing and was rescued and revived using alien tech and now the alien has become a guardian angel of sorts. Studio JC Staff's work on this is supurbly done, practically on par with AnoHana, and even after the 1st four episodes nothing of it felt boring and all of it is a real treat to look at, and of course with the just perfect amount of funny and fanservice. Already voting this as the best of the Winter season and a definate keeper.

- Mouretsu Pirates - Moe'? Yes. Bodacious? Eh, not so much. Although really glad to finally see another anime done by Martian Successor Nadesico and Uchuu no Stellvia's director Tatsuo Satou with Studio Satelight of Macross Frontier's fame at the animation helm. Although just after the 1st four episodes not so much can be told of what's going to happen with this show and definately hasn't gone into epic (and "legal") pirating mode yet. At least the main charator has some cute spunk who just so happen to commandeer an old battleship with help from her ex-pirate aunt & comardes and the story is definately not lame with some pretty funny moments. I really think this will turn out to be a fairly fun show in the longrun with 26 episodes planned and just based on the opening sequence alone we'll be seeing some wild and crazy charactors. A solid keeper.

- Aquarion Evol - 12,000 years really goes by fast. Of course this is the follow-up to Macross master Shoji Kawamori's Sousei no Aquarion with all of it's orgasmic mecha fusions intact. Although the plot is extremely similar with bad dudes from another dimention causing havok to every human on the world and it's up to Aquarion's uber stylish powers to stop them (crazy attack names and all), even the main charactor is a direct copy from the last show who just happens to be a decendant of the Greek god Apollo. Also leave it up to the Japanese to create such a cute creature that acts both as an adorable pocket pet and a girl's hair bow. The 1st series was not one of the most perfect shows but a definate fun one to watch and this one also shares the same bill with it's same rocking orchestral score too. A keeper.

- Rinne no Lagrange - The 2nd mecha flavor anime of the Winter season. This one comes from anime powerhouses Production I.G. and Xebec with director Toshimasa Suzuki who did both Heroic Age and the Soukyuu no Fafner movie. However this show is more "Strike Witches" than Macross where here we have three cutie girls with mecha fighting against mysterious bad dudes before they can wreak havok upon the earth. It's kind of lame the three girl's mechs all mainly look the same and probally all have the same powers and weapons, but speaking of the mechs they were also designed my Nissan Motors and all have a real slick style to them. Also the opening theme song will definately be sticking inside your head for days, maybe weeks. Even though this is only set for a 12 episode run I think it could be a fun show to watch unless the plot gets to uber boring and repeative levels. The 1st four episodes have given a decent start to the series so wouldn't mind checking out more.

- Senki Zesshou Symphogear - I remember an old game from the 90's where the main message of it was "Music is the Weapon" and now that message is put to a more literal sense with this series. Actually you might as well call this show "IdolM@ster Nanoha" because it combines high energy song ballads with insane magical girl attacks and of course what perfect choice to use for these song goddesses is to hire Japanese "Pop Master" Nana Mizuki as one of the leading ladies. However the story's plot will definately bring your IQ level down a few points and has some of the worst looking alien enemies in recent anime history (with an even more generic name called the "Noise"). But even dumbass anime shows can still be fun to watch (look at "Dog Days") and I like the music and has some fairly good action. After four eps I wouldn't mind sticking with it. Also a big word of warning, the visuals of the ending theme may really disturb you.

- Another - More like another "When They Cry" clone although first looks can be decieving. Unfortunately unlike Higurashi there's no cutie killing psychos here and it's all more about the creepy atmosphere and also as the main theme and hook, uber creepy dolls. This is the latest anime work from studio P.A. Works, straight from their work on the gorgeous Hanasaku Iroha, and their amazing artisic talents are defiantely shown in this one with Blood-C and xxxHolic (and many others) director Tsutomu Mizushima at helm. After watching the 1st two episodes the story is still yet to be set up and here we just get a better introduction to it's cast of charactors with it's main one as a mystery highschool girl with a medical eyepatch who maybe either a ghost or something even more demonic. Then by the end of third episode it hits the shock factor like a 100-mph fastball. The show is another 12-episode deal and I'm really curious how this story will unfold and where it's all going to lead to and the artist's nearly flawless work still makes it worth watching it (but not for the Ali Project opening). Will watch more.

- Inu x Boku SS - This is David Animation's next TV joint just after doing the wild comedies "Ben-to" and "Level E". So here we have some very important mystery girl who is almost a perfect merging of Taiga from Toradora and Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto.. who is protected by a secret service agent (albeit not Presidental) that's almost like a tamer version of the Black Butler. However the real deal of the show is that Mr. SS is also a mystical fox demon with super powers along with other magical agents working in the same apartment complex. The anime does have fairly decent art and production values with plenty of cute moments however even just after one episode I'm not really sure if I want to watch the rest of this, just doesn't really seem to be my type of show to watch. Although your opinions may very and it's at least worth a try but I'm going to pass on this for now.

- Brave 10 - Now if you are looking for anime with a more manly flavor for this season this one is a decent choice. Now fans of the Sengoku Basara series will see some big simularities with this show becuase it shares some of the same historical Japanese figures such as Yukimura Sanada, Sasuke Sarutobi, Hattori Hanzo, and even Masamune Date makes an apparance (albeit without his massive cressant moon helmet). But the plot here follows a not-so historical samurai warrior that carries a 1/2-size version of Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy 7 and gets met up with a very moranic girl although with some very dangerous secrets. It does have some fairly decent action scenes, practically on par with Naruto or Bleach, but with a story as dumb as a sack of nails and with most of the cast as pretty boys this is a solid pass for me. I'll gladly take another season of Sengoku Basara well over this.

- Highschool DxD - I've honestly tried my damn hardest to say anything positive of this show but I just couldn't do it. It's just your average lameass fanservice action show with boobs (and surprizingly without censoring), crotch shots and more of the same crap horny Japanese otakus never get tired of. It's dropped just after the 1st two episodes but /me sets that ending theme on repeat, FOR-EV-ER. (

Also watching or have watched:

- Mirai Nikki - At least Yukiteru finally tells to Yuno's face that she's one crazy-ass bitch (but that's not doing too much). Also what's the f**k's up with the mutated nanny with the ginormus head? Plus, I really like the new 2nd half opening, not so much with the new ending theme though.

- Persona 4 - AKA: The Magical Detective Loveline show. Definately more enjoyable when the cast isn't using Personas. Also this got a opening and ending switch but both are meh', even though it mentions strip-searching.

- Gulity Crown - It's official, the Japanese has sectioned-off Area 11. Also I wish they still kept the first opening and ending songs and just retweaked the animation to fit, the new ones hardly match them.

- Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam - Welcome to the Cold War. At least the plot is becoming much more enjoyable (and please don't switch the opening and end themes with this one, thanks)

- Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo - Which roughly translates to: "Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below" and that title definately fits the story where our girl so happens to get caught into an adventure that takes her to a whole different world right under the Earth's crust, and it's definately not fire and brimstone. This is actually the 4th movie from acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai who's previous works include 5 Centimeters per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days and each is worldly known for their amazing visuals and coloring that even puts Studio Ghibli to shame. The story deals mainly with bringing back loved ones from the dead no matter what the costs are (remind you of another anime?) but a lot of the other story elements are literally taken from other Hayao Miyazaki films such as Princess Mononoke, Laputa, Spirited Away and others, even the main charactor is very simlar to other leading girls in Ghibli films and same goes with her otherworldly male partner that she gets introduced to. So practically this is Shinkai's ultimate homage to Miyazaki but it doesn't feel like a full-on Ghibli film and just doesn't have the same charm that they do. It's a movie that definately should be seen at least once but may not be a keeper. This trek is rated an 8 out of 10.

- Fate/Prototype - From all of the same people and epic animation team that worked on the Fate/Zero TV series comes a 15-minute trailer of what the original Fate/Stay Knight series could of been becuase it's based on the 1st version of Type-Moon's classic action series, with the biggest difference of having a male version of Saber! (glad they didn't go with that). I think this would be a nice extra with the release of the Fate/Zero series, just not by itself although maybe if Japanese got more fan support maybe this could become the next Fate series to be made, either in anime or game form. Even due to it's length, it still scores an 08 out of 10.
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