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Jan 26, 2012 1:04 PM
Anime Relations: Ben-To
This is the Hundred-and-sixty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.


: Hey, Rika. Is something wrong with Topaz today?

: Plenty, I assume.


: I mean more than usual.

: Oh, you mean the random outbursts.


: Not to mention the cowering in fear. I'm not sure, but I brought in an expert.

: I wouldn't say I'm an expert or anything. I have however dealt with people saying some random things so I think that I can help.


: This seems to be a serious case. I better get out my translator. Kanako, over here!

: You called, my lovely mega- I-I mean Kiri-chan. Oh, that's such a lovely loli girl. I could just take you home and dress you and - *begins to nosebleed*

: I'd rather not be taken home by a pervert such as you. Now just get to work, you sick pig!

: Such biting remarks from a girl so tiny. They're mean but they feel oh so good <3. Give me a big hug you cute little girl <3.

*Kanako reaches for Rika but Kiri stops her*


: You're here for HIM today *points to Topaz*, and since you randomly say things I thought that you could translate.

: Wait, there was a GUY here the whole time? VENEZUELA!





: This is getting us nowhere fast...

: I know, she's just saying perverted gibberish now!

: I'm sorry my translator didn't work as well as I had hoped. If I could give you any advice, I'd say that Topaz probably would get better after a nice meal.

: Thanks anyway, we'll do that. See you two later.

***Later, at the Convenience Store***

: And so THIS is all we can afford.

: How you feeling now? Still saying nonsense.

*deep breath* I think I got it out of my system for now. But that episode was really traumatic after all. Thanks for caring about me so much though.

: I'm glad.


: What was that?

I don't know, but let's go investigate!

: Go ahead, I know that hearing strange noises usually leads to people dying so I'm staying right here.

*Topaz runs between the aisles, eventually seeing a small amount of carnage with a Meganekko in the middle of it*

: I see that there's no good challengers here either. Hmph. I suppose that I'll just take my dinner and leave.


: Ah, I see there's one last challenger left. Scrawny looking one as well. So do you think that you can beat me then?

Probably not, but I want to do you for my blog today. Will you let me, O Beauty by the Lake?

: Er, sure? I suppose or something...

Today's girl is:

Ayame Shaga

Hair: Ayame has long blond hair. I'm not usually one for blondes in general, but I won't say that I dislike her hair either. It's very long (reaching her waist) and looks great. It's so great that it's flowing as well. It's a bit messy in a disheveled look but not anything distracting. If anything, it reaffirms her personality that her hair is messy. She has a minor ahoge but as it isn't coming from the top of her head and small it's occasionally easily missed.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Ayame has very wonderful blue eyes. They're extremely deep in color, and while something seems off on occasion as it looks a bit too "realistic" it's never a deal breaker. She also has a wonderful and seductive to her eyes as well. In images she has noticeable eyebrows but again this is less apparent in the anime proper.

Ayame's glasses are quite nice as well. She has a silver under-rim pair that sort of look old-fashioned but that's not a bad thing in this case. She does try on a variety of pairs in "her" opening (Treasure) including a really nice red framed pair. Unfortunately she doesn't always wear them in battles. I suppose that makes sense as I wouldn't want her glasses broken from a face hit.
Grade: A

Face: Ayame's face is not bad. She does suffer from generic cuteness and not being all that outstanding though. I would like to say that I do really enjoy her wide smiles and perverted grins.
Grade: B

: Hey, that's an anime girl blog, right? I think that I'm supposed to defeat you or something...

Err, that's not me at all. You're confusing me for the attractive and charismatic Topaz aren't you. I get that all the time.

: I suppose that's believable. They probably told me what this Topaz looks like or given me a picture or something. Hopefully he comes soon.

Build: Ayame has a VERY great body. She's extremely curvy, and has a great waist. I don't need many words to describe Ayame's body, I just really enjoy it. She's also fairly powerful and despite enjoying the meals she wins she doesn't seem to gain weight.Unfortunately, Sen tends to get the non-bust service in the show so Ayame's body isn't shown off to it's full potential.
Grade: B+

Breasts: Oh man. Ayame has very sizable breasts. They bounce around all the time and look very lovely. As I said before, she doesn't get a lot of fanservice focused on other parts of her body but her chest looks fantastic so I respect their decision. The only reason that Ayame didn't do as good here is because Ben-to is a teen show so they couldn't show her completely topless (though she gets a nice scene of her hair covering the important parts).
Grade: A

Clothes: Ayame has worn two different school uniforms, one for each high school featured in the show. Her usual outfit is the uniform for the west most school. It consists of a white top, red bow tie, and a red plaid skirt. I really like this outfit though I would have enjoyed it more had it been a regular tie. The eastern school has more of a sailor suit-look. It's got a blue handkerchief around the neck as it's main outstanding point, not including her short dark skirt of course.

Ayame also has a variety of other outfits as well. During the introduction episode with her she gets forced into a very girly white dress, and is first seen in a very messy pajama-like outfit. In the pool episode she wears a very nice white bikini which looks great on her as well. She's worn a Santa outfit for a certain eye catch as well. However, during the op she wears a HUGE variety of clothing. Most of them are too quick to catch though, and only the Kimono is really noteworthy for my tastes.
Grade: A-

Personality: Not only is Ayame a big-breasted meganekko, she appeals to me in personality as well. First and foremost she's a gamer girl, which is always a great thing to see. She does tend to stay loyal to SEGA though, especially the Virtua Fighter series. She's half-Italian as well, which explains her blond hair and blue eyes. Towards the main character (Yo) she acts like an older sister but is really his cousin. I like that type of relationship. Finally Ayame's voice actress is Emiri Kato, and she does a great job with her as well.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention Ayame's battle prowess as well. She's a very respected and strong fighter in the West. Her talent is to use chopsticks in her battles as well. Her Nom de Guerre (IE a fighting nickname) is "Beauty by the Lake". This is because after winning her first "match" she was caught sleeping next to a lake and the name was born.
Grade: A-

Libido: Ayame's libido is very high. She likes to use seduction as a common tactic, being very confident in her body. She uses her breasts as a weapon in the figurative sense to get her cousin to do things for her. She also likes teasing him.
Grade: A-

Age: It's unknown how old Ayame is, but I at least assume that she's in high school.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 87
Average score: 9.6
Final Grade: A-

: TOPAZ! TOPAZ! ... Oh, there you are. You were taking a while so I decided to check up on you.

: Fufufufu. So you ARE that Topaz I'm supposed to defeat!

She's Topaz too!

: Hey! Keep me out of this one!

: Likely excuse. But for now I'll defeat you in battle!

*Ayame kicks Topaz across the room, having him hit a shelf knocking off a few boxes of food. -40 HP (Current HP 90)

Hey, that was uncalled for!

: I'm sorry, but I have to defeat you or my reputation will suffer! And all is fair in love and battle.

Well then, let's see how you face against an actual wolf! GO MY SUMMON POWERS!

: What the? Hey, stop glowing! What are you, a Phantasy Star character or something?

*suddenly a mysterious figure appears in the store*

: I'll never get used to that effect. It feels really weird to be summoned like this.

: So I guess that Topaz wants you to fight me then. Though you personally have nothing to do with us and I can see you're a reasonable girl that wouldn't fight for no reason...

: I suppose that's true. Any reason that I should fight her then?

Err... um... You're fighting her for that meal of delicious food over there! *points to an honor-sealed bento filled with delicious beef.*

: WHAT! How didn't I see that!

: This looks like a good enough reason. Prepare yourself!

: Oh, I'm always prepared!

Ayame attacks Liru with a powerful kick, knocking her to the floor. However, as soon as she decides to press the advantage Liru trips Ayame as well. Eventually the both of them are rolling on the ground as neither is making much progress toward the rack. The hits are powerful, but neither Ayame nor Liru is going down.

After a few moments....

: *munch munch* Hey Topazes. Are you two about done yet or are you going to be perverts and continue to watch two girls wrestle.

Oh, we found another assassin after my life. However, Liru is making good progress on her. Or not, I can't tell anymore.

: I see then. *chomp chomp*

Hey, isn't that...

: Hey, where's the bento!

: I don't know! What happened to my beefs!

C'mon you two. Let's get going before they notice what's happened.

: Oh, and Topaz. Before I forget, neither me nor Rika can assist you in blogs next month. Just so you know.

: Be sure not to do anything perverted while we're gone.

Oh I won't. ehehehe....

: That laugh isn't reassuring...
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