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Jan 19, 2012 5:59 AM

They always call me Lia. But my real name was Thalia, I came from London, United
Kingdom and just started watching anime since this 2006's. The very first anime I've
watch was already been forgotten. But, right now, I absolutely obsessed watching
every kinds of anime. Either horror or something. I'm am 15 years old and still a

My parents named me the name of Castalia from Greek mythology. I don't know why,
I've tell them and ask why, but they didn't tell me the reason. That's all. If you wish
to ask something more, feel free to comment down and I'll reply you.

Different things. First I should wrote down my likes, then on the bottom one, my
dislikes. This include the type of anime genres I like, type of foods I like and type of
guys and people I like.

Anime genres: I prefer slice of life genres and romance genres. When I watched
some anime with those genres it calms me so much. I feel like it's very pure and clean
anime. So if you wanna make a recommendation, I prefer if you can recommend an
anime with this kind of genre. But anything was fine.

Foods: I prefer foods that tastes sweet. Sweetness was one of the most cutest
things I think. I like food desserts, like pastries and such.

People: I prefer kind and caring people, I prefer inside looks than outside looks of a
guy. I do not care if you are one of them, just if I dislike you, no response, don't
wait please.

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