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Jan 16, 2012 4:08 AM
Uber 388 contains of three blocks of 5 storey one-four bedrooms residences with impressive design and facilities by the established developer MCL Land.

11 apartments will have distinctive design with selected units at the 5th level can have high ceilings in the master suite, selected 2 bedrooms apartments will have a mezzanine and selected three bedrooms units can have roof terrace.

Uber 388 is just minutes away from a large number of East Coast cafes & eateries, in addition to East Coast Lagoon Village & East Coast Seafood Centre. East Coast park is accessible by footpath from a close-by underpass thus that you would not cross any road to access our beautiful East Coast beach.

Uber 388 has massive range of amenities for you to keep healthy, enjoyment and entertained your guests and loved ones. Every apartment is provided with branded appliances and quality fittings to complement your sophisticated lifestyle.

You want to learn how to seek out the estimate value of the real estate that you're tempted about purchasing. Common avenue for such data include your realtors, appraisers and financiers. Such values are usually determined by looking at sale comparable for three to 5 recently sold properties in within the neighbourhood that have similar attributes as the interested property. However this is often not applicable for under construction real estate taking into consideration factors like zero depreciation and new architectural concept.

Get your sum right by getting pre-approved property loan. This means to fill out a loan application and go through the procedure of securing loan. In this manner, when you are ready to seriously evaluate a real estate acquisition, you may understand precisely what amount you'll afford. And you'll not regret that you will have to give it a miss on another good property transaction once more.

Real estate investment is a serious business, and thus diligent financial planning , rework budgeting is critical to your success in purchasing a secondary market property. You need to be disciplined and comprehend your budget if you are investing in secondary market property from the onset, or you may realize later that you are required to make certain remodel or enhancement and they may exceed your budget. Think ahead as to what is needed before really going forward with investing in secondary real estate.

If property is purchased for investment, investors should evaluate the cost of keeping the real estate against the potential yield that would include rental and principal value. Currently, any rental yield higher than 3 per cent could be considered an acceptable yield considering that the cost of borrowing would stay around or under 1 %. Mortgage providers would be in better position to assist you to verify the affordability of a real estate with their experience.

Economic and population gain, infrastructure and urbanisation development can increase housing demand. The speed and pattern of housing demand growth can vary in step with developments and demographics in every country. Volume growth will be the major driver in Malaysia and Indonesia with regards to the very fact that folks less than 25 years old make up virtually half of the populations. In China, low possession levels, modernization and the very fact that a lot of folks are of home-owning age will guarantee sturdy housing demand.

Uber 388
Project Briefs
Project Type : Condominium
Tenure : Freehold
Site Area : 66,693 sqft
Anticipated TOP : Mar 2015
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