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Dec 30, 2011 6:50 AM

The forest is a wonderful place on earth. The trees stood tall and magnificent, the animals lofting gaily about the ground, the birds singing their sweet choir and the hill with the glorious view of the ocean and the beautiful horizon.

The hill is where the Alien space ship is parked and nearby was a sight you will never found elsewhere. An Alien is sitting on a chair sipping her tea while watching an Elf throwing rocks at her space ship. The Elf feeling frustrated banged at the door and gets electrocuted instead. The Alien lets out a sound like a stifle laugh, which made the Elf, turns around searching for her.

Finally she turns off the invisibility mode suit (they are quite advanced you know) and stare at the half singed Elf. The Elf smile widely and sprinted towards her but stop at the sight of her brandishing her laser gun. She always zaps him but the thought of his ears getting zap over and over again (it just keep regenerating!) is too much for him to bear. Once she even plucked his hair one by one while singing Over The Rainbow. He enjoys it but the Alien noticed his somewhat fondness of Masochism and decided not to do it anymore.

These have been the norms now. Ever since the first encounter on the hill two weeks ago the Elf finally found someone to talk to. He used to talk to the birds or the fishes but they always laugh at him for no apparent reason (he assume they were conversing) and the trees are not conversationalist enough (they are not a talker so it seems). The Alien have a sharp-tongued, every word from her are icy cold and full of contempt insulting remarks. Still the Elf likes to hang around the hill just to get closed to her and enjoy her witty scorching anti social conversations.

The Elf also believes that the Alien is in fact a tsun-dere and found this very amusing and adorable. There are times when he saw her with tears in her eyes gazing towards the ocean (she told him it was the dust getting into her eyes) and once she even helped him escape the rampaging boar while picking mushrooms (she told him that it was to save the boar instead pffft). Even though she always said that she doesn’t like the sight of him, the Elf was surprised when she looks about the hill when he’s late for their tête-à-tête.

One night when he’s about to go off to sleep in his hut he heard a faint voice calling for him. It was the Alien and she look so down, this disturb him greatly. Finally the Alien told him that she would be returning to her planet since Earth turns out to be unsuitable for her people after all. The world seems to be crumbling around him but he managed to ask her when would they ever meet again? Her answer was;

‘My old friend Elf, the world is vast and every nook of it is a great adventure. When you have the courage to leave this forest just follow the evening star and come look for me. There is a place somewhere on the horizon full of lights and sounds, I think you would like it there.’

With this the Alien waves goodbyes and the Elf (still crying) smile at his dear little friend the Alien.

End of Chapter 2.

Next Chapter: Home
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