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May 27, 2007 11:57 AM

At first i didn't know what to write here, but i have come up with an idea. Im gonna write some reviews on Estonian bands and albums, so here goes my first one .

Taak. Biography.

Taak (meaning "a heavy burden") was establisehd in November of 2005 as a parallel band of Dawn Of Gehenna. Taak has the same line-up as Dawn Of Gehenna and plays the same music, only the lyrics are in Estonian. As a direct descendant of Dawn Of Gehenna, which is a direct descendant of Mystique (est. 1989), Taak may be among the oldest active doom rock bands in the world.

Taak call their music ugri-doom, meaning slow and Sabbathesque yet punchy kind of old school hard-rock combined with lyrics that – through a prism of self-irony – deal with hyperboreal angst and the bleakness brought on by daylight deprivation depression.

Taak's debut full-length album entitled 'Koerapööriöö' was released by Nailboard Records in April, 2006 and has received loads of positive critique and feedback from all over the place since, culminating in January 2007 in being voted "Album of the Year" by listeners of the nationwide radio-show "Metallion" and readers of the biggest Estonian rock journal "Nailboard Magazine".

Line-up : 

Andrus 'Anz' Rohula - drums
Kaido 'Tsunami' Tiits - guitar 
Mart Kalvet - vocals 
Kristjan 'Christ' Virma - keyboards
Urmas Jõgi - guitar
Ott 'Otipowitch' Oras - bass

Coming up in my next entry, a review of Taak's debute album "Koerapööriöö"

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