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Apr 8, 2010 9:02 PM
Hello MAL members, it been 10 years since I've joined this site. I've been coming here coming here every day looking, adding, and updating my list of Anime shows and Manga, well more Anime then Manga lol. I know this "about me" blog is supposed to be talking about my self-well I just want to tell you how I found this site :) . Before I found this site I use to keep track on current shows and what chapter I last read. I've been doing that since late 2007 and half of March of 2008. I found this site when I was trying to look for something new to watch on my Veoh Tv player (which was my main player of watching anime but found sites that had more than the player could give me). So I went on Google and the first link of an Anime show directed me to MAL, I looked around and I was impressed. So I signed up and here I am :). Like any new member, looking for the right avatar to use so I pick "Obito Uchiha" (if you like to see which one I pick just go to the "Old Main"). Oh ya I almost forgot to tell you my first username was my original gamer name which was "Cr8zgamer" but I found that you can change your username once per month so I change it to which you all know me as "Kilz" before it was Kuilvio but I changed it and stay with the name you see for a long time.. After doing all that, I started adding every single show that I can remember back in the 90's, was surprised that I saw more then I thought I did. Let get off that train and enter me.

My very first Anime was Speed Racer which came out in the late 60's and re-runed on cartoon network's boomerang in the 90s, I was 5yrs old. It takes me a long while to know I was watching Anime and in 1993 it comes out in the afternoon on the weekends. Around that same time, I saw reruns of Sailor Moon. My first real Anime was Dragonball Z, I was 8yrs old but remembering is not easy and I do recall seeing Ronin Warriors in '95 when DBZ come out in '96 on Toonami. I still believe DBZ was my first Anime since at that time I realize what Anime was. Watching anime became my second hobby alongside my first which is Video Games. I started watching many different shows on Tv programs like FoxKids (use to be called FoxBox) and Kids WB (both programs are now called 4KidTv). I saw shows like Sonic X, Megaman saga, Pokemon saga, Digimon saga, Metabots, Ultimate Muscle and Kirby, these are a few names I can remember watching. On Toonami, DBZ, DBGT, Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and Transformers. Years past I started to watch Cartoon Network's late night programming "Adult Swim" which showed more mature anime shows like Blood+, Bleach, FMA, and Trinity Blood which airs at midnight and ends at 5 am.

I kept watching Anime until I graduated from high school and got a laptop as a gift from my teacher. I spend 2007 summer vacation watching as much Anime as I can since my first semester starts at the time in the fall. The Anime I've been watching on the small continue on the computer and during my search, I found the original Japanese version with English subtitles which the was completely finished. My first sub was FMA, second Naruto and then Bleach. From 1993-2007 on Tv and 2007-present on my computer. The "I'm still going to watch Anime until I get tired of it which is not going to happen ^^" quote I said years ago after editing this blog, my mindset is different, I'm watching less Anime then I used and been reading a bit more lately.

Now I'm older and no longer a student college, I'm a casual gamer and yes I do have a life outside of gaming. I don't call myself a "fanboy" type but I like Playstation more, I would both PS3 Slim and PS4, I also own a 3DS XL to play Pokemon games. My favorite games on PlayStation are Dragonball Z Budokai series (PS2), Rise to Honor (PS2), Assassin's Creed series (PS3/4) and the Uncharted series (PS3/4), just to name a few. You can see my platinum in the blog section.

I'm the type a guy you can talk too and have fun. I can make any of my friends or family laugh without even trying, to this day I still don't know how and why lol. I enjoy helping others and hanging out both real and virtual. I'm nice but don't get me angry and there won't be problems :). Well I think that all of the things I wanted to tell you and if you want to know more just ask :)
Posted by Kilz | Apr 8, 2010 9:02 PM | 2 comments
humbledsoul5121 | May 11, 2010 11:24 PM
How's college going for you? I have a buddy who's also interested in working for a game developer or something similar so I'd be interested to hear what degree you're going for and where you're attending. Best of luck with your studies! :)