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Nov 22, 2011 6:48 AM
Raise Money Online by utilizing Social Fundraising Tools

A rising trend in raising money for charitable causes is called social fundraising. This method uses the social network on the web, in particular websites for example Facebook, MySpace and the like to boost millions of dollars for recognized charities. Social fundraising has become an important tool in assisting to fund charities all around the world today.

There are many benefits of fundraising online, beginning with the convenience by which your social fundraising efforts could be advertized. The social network includes vast sums of people all across the globe. The objective of these networks would be to connect people inside a more casual way, whether or not they are old classmates, share a typical interest in a spare time activity, or just plain old friends. Reaching people through fundraising online can begin with asking those in your group to donate to particular cause. They consequently tell their friends and the chain continues. has the benefits of having the ability to collect donations immediately though credit card or Paypal payments instead of awaiting the check to arrive in the email. Such fundraising online campaigns can use a multi-media approach with images, video that has been enhanced text to add impact and capacity to your social fundraising campaign.

Also, those who are inspired to give could be given minimums or levels that induce a greater incentive to provide more. A minimum donation of $5 for instance is easy for many people to do, but having levels of $10, $25 and so forth helps inspire people to donate more. This is a well established social fundraising strategy that has worked well before the web became popular.

Social fundraising goes beyond asking people to donate, it helps you understand who these people are and what particular interest they may have. Although individuals are generous, they are doing have particular interests in what kinds of charities they're likely to give more to. So the next fundraising online campaign you launch can begin by individuals people whose interests lean more towards the charity you're raising money for.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of social fundraising is that you find people who might start their own similar campaign and help raise even more money towards your charity. Finding someone who can donate once is great, but having someone start their own campaign to obtain others to donate generates far more money for the charity of your choice.

One website which has helped to raise millions of dollars for charities is Fundly. This site allows you to begin a campaign for your favorite charity quickly and easily, while getting great results. Fundly brings together all of the main reasons of the social network, including email and Twitter to assist get your message out with their own Social Multiplier program, can generate much more funds for that charity you are working for. Plus, you may also embed Fundly widgets in your Facebook page, which could catch others who might not be aware of your present efforts to donate.
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