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Jan 31, 2010 12:12 PM
My friend Amber had a fire in her house blocking the way from the basement up to the first floor. Then she called the police to come rescue her and they said "Alright, tell us where you are!" and she said "ITS SOMEWHERE ON NOCKSTREET! FIND THE FIRE ON NOCKSTREET!" and as she was waiting for the police to show up her baby sister sasha fell threw the ceiling and she caught her. After the fire men came to save them amber and Sasha had to find a place to stay the night. They went to Shane's house (our friend). He told them that their friendship was forbidden, so he couldn't stay the night. And then they went to Tony and My house and we let them stay the night. So, the next morning they put them up for adoption! They sold us to a murderor and a child molester. So they were driving away, tony jumped on the roof of the car and pulled the top off. He screamed "This was all a part of the plan!" gets out a machine gun and starts shooting everybody in a circle while Sasha was clapping her hands and screaming "Yayy!!!" Killing the driver made them crash the car so Amber and Sasha flew out the car and landed on a train. Out of no where, i started running up beside the train screaming "Don't worry amber, i'll get you!" and then i jumped up, beating the train's speed and i landed on the top. i was running towards them again, still beating the train even though i was on top of it (wtf?) and then grabbed Sasha in one arm and then Amber in the other and jumped into the air. Out of no where, again, Mariah came out and fucking ninja kicked me in the face and amber and sasha flew out of my arms and landed in Texas. They landed in her friend David's house and he was like "Uhm....Hi? Why are you here?" And Amber said "I was flung here" "you were flung here?" "Long story." "Your not going to tell it?" "Afraid not" "Oky. well you can't be here, bye!!!" So he flung her all the way over to Megan's house, and then Sasha dissapeared in this whole event. She scramed at amber "WHERE IS GOOBER?!" And amber was like "What..? I don't know, he is n't here that was just one--" "WHY DIDN"T YOU COME HERE WITH GOOBER?!?!?!?!" all of a sudden Me, Tony, Shane, Alyssa White, Dustin, and Mariah came crashing threw the wall, in super hero attire :D Mariah was Violet from the incredibles, Shane was the Hulk, Tony (Tonis) was bat man, Dustin was spider man, I was wonder woman (Cuz i can do wonders. -winks-) and Alyssa White was fucking Aqua man!!! LMFAO!!!! ANyway, Tony said "Stop, you evil doer!!!!" Amber was And i screamed "We're tired of all your....uhm....crazi...ness... >.>" And Amber was like "Yeah...right... you super hero, you." And then Shane punched a hole inthe ground, and he jumped threw and we all fell in the hole. We ended up in china. I look around, pissed off, saying "OMG! WE'RE SO CLOSE, WHY AREN'T WE IN JAPAN!? WE'RE SO CLOSE, WHY NOT?!!?!?!!!!?!?!?? WERE THIS CLOSE!!!" And Amber was like "Calm down, alyssa." I kept screaming at them, telling them to get me to fucking Japan. Mariah, meanwhile is al ditzy. she was like "Where am i?" And then ambers was like "What do you think? Its China." I muttered under my breath, "Fuck...." Mariah chased a bird out of China and Tony pulled a Bat mobile out of his pants. All of a sudden a bunch of angry chinsese men jump out of a bush and steal his bat mobile. He said "Oh well. At least i still have my motorcycle." And he pulled that out of his pants and we all stood there for alike an hour in silence. Dustin said "I have to pee. bye." And let out of the dream, flying away like a super hero. Me, amber, and tony stand there for a long time again and I say "OKay. Someone needs to get me to fucking Japan, or SOME ONE is going to die." Tony says, "Well its not that big of a deal. Just cross that bridge over there." I get all pissed off, saying "WTF!!!?!?!?!?!!? Your telling me that we've just been standing here for hours, meanwhile getting mauled by angry chinese men in tight clothing, and all i had to do to avoid all this AND make my dream come true by going to Japan is to cross that god damned bridge?!!?!!" Tony said "yep." I thought for a moment and said "okay." and walked over the bridge that was probably a yard long. When i got to the end i fell over. Tony ran over in slow motion, picking me up gently in his arms and whispering "'t die!!!" And i look up, quietly, saying "Im not dead. this is all a plan." And i close my eyes. All of a sudden a very sexy Japanese man comes running and picks me up in his arms lovingly and starts carrying me out to China!!! I wake up, pull out a machine gun and start shooting al the chinese men sceaming, "YOUR NOT JAPANESE!!!!! FU~CK Y~OUUUUUU!!!!" And then the japanese man holds me in font of him, my face very close to his lips (yum.) and he says "Im glad there is someone here who likes the japanese this much, but japan is too dangerous right now....DARTH VADER IS ATTACKING!!!!!!!!!" Tony puts his hands up to his mouth dramatically, screaming "DARTH VADER?@?!!!?!?!?" And he runs over to Japan, to go meet Darth Vader happily. Whilst the Sexy japanese man who is dressed in VK style, is runing me over to japan amber is sitting there. All of a sudden we all pop out of no where, without our super hero gear, and scream "HIII AMBERRR~" and she was like "Wait...wasn't all of that weird?" And we are like "What was all weird?" And she was like "Uhm.." And we said it was just a dream and that she would wake up ina few seconds. She said "Really?" And amber woke up.
So did you like the dream my friend Amber had? XDDD
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