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Nov 18, 2011 6:26 AM
These days, a lot of people who want to get an online business going are starting with PTCs -- Pay to Click sites. I'm one of those people. However, before I proceed, in the event that you don't know how these websites work, allow me to expound. A PTC web site is a web site where you are paid pennies for clicking on and watching an advertisement for a set amount of time (usually half a minute). Every time you view a complete advertisement (they ordinarily last more or less half a minute), a tiny amount of cash is put into your PTC account, which can only be taken out once you've collected a determined amount of money, usually in the $5 range. Likewise, nearly all of these websites have a bit more to them, like special options given only to members, and referral rewards. Just a quick note, for more information visit .

You can pay for referrals (or you can ask them to register), and you get around 50% of the money they generate from clicking ads. In short, if you are getting $0.01 for clicking an ad, you'll as well make half a cent every time each one of your referrals does the same. It may not seem that lucrative, but imagine if you had scores of referrals working for you. There are also special membership options that allow you to generate more referrals, more advertisements and more money for every last click (often for both your own clicks and your referrals' clicks). These additional membership plans can be expensive, but many are going to generate more money over time. Hold it right there, for more information don't forget to visit .

To demonstrate how this works, we'll assume you sign up with a Pay-to-Click site that shows up to f advertisements. You then obtain 1,000 folks to join under you. Every one of your own clicks gets you a cent and so does each one of your referrals' clicks. So if you click on all 4 adverts and all of your referrals click on all four ads, that's a sum of 40 dollars. Doesn't appear too awful, eh? Not too shabby for merely a few minutes of you time, right?

Here's a tip for you, for some other resources browse . But hold it! The reality is that almost all PTC sites are frauds. Think "pyramid schemes", for that's essentially all they are. They are called "pyramids" because just those people at or close to the top make any cash, while those lower the pyramid typically end up getting nada. Hence, if 10 people put in $10 each, that's $100. The top person may give back 15 bucks to only 4 people and keep the remainder for himself, with nothing going out to all the rest of the members. How are they able to do this? Simple. To start, they talk you into signing up as a member and purchasing a few referrals (usually bots, not even humans). Next they then pay out with money that other people have paid in for their memberships and referrals. The cash from ads does not cover their payout's, particularly since a number of the referrals you can purchase are not real people. Unavoidably, they run out of prospective members and people cease signing up, leaving members who weren't among the first to join twisting slowly in the wind. If you are among the ones at the top, in from the get-go, there's a chance of earning a little money, but it is not balanced by the risks.

My recommendation is that you keep your distance from Pay-to-Click services like the plague. You might generate a small amount money or not, depending on how high and close to the head schemer you are, but he's a defrauder and every person under you is losing money. It's simply not a pleasant situation.

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