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Dec 19, 2009 11:19 PM
Jewels of the Seasons

The golden jewels of Autumn's beauty:
They fall from their perch, twisting, turning through the ravishment of the winds
Swirling bodies of red and gold.
Autumn's glory's then masked by the seasons' twilight.

Whence the warmth of the leaves fade into the crystallaine beauty of Winter:
The saphire and the quartz of Winter's grace
Until all is a flowing elegance, a swirling myriad of soft blues and whites,
Then, all grace and glory of Winter's cold fades into Spring dawning

When the jewels of the spring, replacing the saphires of Winter past, bloom and flourish
Life from the ground and air flows through all, awakening from forgotten slumber
All that was once cool and crystal is now vibrant and green
waters rush and life blooms, all is awash in light and the emeralds of Spring's serenity

And as the warmth of Spring intensifies into Summer's heat
Spring's green emeralds deepen and grow with the song of wind and laughter
and the cry of the gull in the ocean mist
Earth's green life thrives and flourishes until Summer's green emerald fades into Autumn gold.
Posted by sinnige69 | Dec 19, 2009 11:19 PM | 1 comments
x1 | Dec 28, 2009 3:09 PM
I like how you compare specific jewels for the seasons, such as emerald for spring; but Autumn and Summer do not seem to have one. Autumn is compared to gold, and as a jewel, yet its not specific like the Winter's quartz or Spring's emerald.

Perhaps a Star Sapphire for Autumn and a ruby for Summer?