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Dec 9, 2009 11:15 AM
Hello. Not much new to talk about, but there have been a few developments effecting previous posts in my little blog here. So here we go....

Since my sad experience with my PS3, I've continued to refuse to put my credit card into my machine and have been buying PlayStation Network cards instead. I'm currently consumed by the PlayStation Home thing. Such a crazy time waster. It's like an MMORPG without that annoying "Game" thing getting in the way.

I'm still keeping up with all those new shows this season. Since that post I actually gave Miracle Train a try.... and I got about two minutes into it before I turned it off. Yeah, it definitely wasn't for me at all! I'm mostly just surprised that out of 21 shows I've tired that this is the only one that just totally turned me off. I don't find those kinds of shows very often.

And now with a bit of a disappointing update from my Moyashimon US manga cover post, the cover art for the US release of Moyasimon volume 2 is now included in Right Stuf's listing. It's pretty much the exact same design as US volume 1 except they now have the Green Fungus microbe playing the roll as the stars on the US flag. Pretty lame if I do say so myself. But whatever, it's just cover art and regardless of my displeasure I'll continue to buy the series as long as Del Rey releases it. With the recent development of Del Rey pushing omnibus format manga there are definitely more serious things to worry about in the world of localized manga than cover art. Hopefully Del Rey will live on to release manga for many years to come. *note to self: finish learning your damn Japanese so you don't have to rely on localization anymore!*

Now for just a general update on my life and fandom, things are alright. I really need to get myself a new job. I have enough money saved up from my Air Force life to live off of at least through March or so, but I really don't want to bleed myself dry for the sake of my laziness. Besides, if I don't get a job soon I'll have to start restricting my buying habits soon and that's just not cool. Especially with Ohayocon coming up in January. I guess we'll see. Laters!
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