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Dec 7, 2009 4:56 AM
"A short skit" by karuhigamiDURV

Characters: Miko, Tony, Angela and Ewan
Setting: Mr. Hiyan’s office

Mr. Hiyan: Good Morning kids. Come sit, sit down.

Miko: I heard it was urgent. What do you need?

Ewan: Before that, Mr. Hiyan, today, when I used the bathroom, I saw the oddest thing in there.

Miko: What?

Ewan: A spoon.

Tony: …….a spoon? You don’t say.

Ewan: Isn’t it weird? I mean why is there a spoon in the bathroom? Someone decided to eat soup??

Mr. Hiyan: I don’t get why you need to tell that to guidance counselor?

Ewan: I guess I was just surprised.

Mr. Hiyan: Uh huh.
Anyways, I want you guys to meet someone. Angela! Send her in.

(Door open and Angela came in with another girl behind her)

Angela: Good Morning guys, this is Andrea. A first year student and is Mr. Hiyan’s 10 o’clock appointment.

Miko: You want us to meet a first year student.

Mr. Hiyan: Exactly!

Tony: Um..well we saw her. So now can we go? Miko need to shower.

Miko: I already showered.

Tony: Ok me. Are you happy Miko? Is it fun humiliating me? Is it?

Angela: Andrea, can you pour Mr. Hiyan a glass of coffee??

(Andrea nodded and walked across the room. Poured coffee in a cup and served it to Mr. Hiyan)

Mr. Hiyan: Thank you Andrea. Can you open the window? Its hot in here.

(Andrea opened the window.)

Angela: Andrea, lick my shoes.

(Andrea nodded and walked towards Angela. She bended down and-)

Miko: (grabs Andrea) Did Mr. Hiyan blackmail you? I know he is mean, but you cannot be seriously thinking of licking her shoes.

Andrea: I-I have to! I must! Please let me go!!!

Ewan: This is strangely a turn on.

Tony: A cute first year girl willing to do anything she was asked of. I’m scared.

Miko: So I am guessing she is never this obedient before.

Mr. Hiyan: That is right. She was called in here when her teacher jokingly ordered her to jump of a building. Luckily she was stopped.

Miko: Then you should treat her immediately.

Mr. Hiyan: Well, this is just an episode of her life. Basically if she does something she will regret, she will stop. And that is why you guys are here.

Tony: You want us to rape her?

Angela: You’re a perv.

Mr. Hiyan: No Tony. I want you guys to accompany her in town. I have a friend there that can cure Andrea’s condition.

Angela: Why did you think he wants you to rape her?

Tony: I don’t know, I thought it was leading to something like that. Like in one of those anime scenes.

Mr. Hiyan: You are excused from your classes so just watch out for her. Easy, right?

Miko: I doubt it. But if it means no math for me, then I am ok with it. But why can’t you come?
Mr. Hiyan: I’m busy. Now go, Angela knows the place so you guys have fun.

(They left the room and the university. The guys then rode a bus.)

Ewan: Hey Andrea, slap yourself.

(Andrea slaps herself)

Miko; Stop that. And you Ewan, shut the hell up.

Andrea: I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself. But I trust Mr. Hiyan and he said he has a cure for me.

Tony: Andrea, punch Miko.

(Andrea punches Miko.)

Miko: Tony!!!

Tony: Sorry, I couldn’t resist, haha.

Miko: Andrea, punch Tony in the nose.

(Andrea punches Tony in the nose.)

Ewan: She’s a fast puncher. I didn’t see it coming.

Tony: Andrea, punch Miko in the mouth.

(Andrea punches Miko in the mouth)

Andrea: Guys, stop it.

Miko: Andrea, bite Tony.

Tony: Oh no, bite me and I will bite back!!!

Andrea: I-I, I don’t know what to do, please I gotta do it. Please. Please!!

Tony: Damn you’re cute. (Andrea bites Tony in the hand) Arrrggghhhh… long is this bus ride?

Angela: We get off at the next stop.

Tony: Andrea, grow 4 more inches.

Andrea: I-I can’t. I’m sorry. I’ll…..I’ll do better, please, you gotta believe me.

Tony: So you can’t do everything you are told.

Angela: We’re here. (points at a restaurant) The friend of Mr. Hiyan is in that restaurant.

Miko: Odd, why a restaurant?

(They walked over the restaurant and sees the friend of Mr. Hiyan)

Miko: Oh my god.

Tony: This is worse than rape.

Ewan: This is worse than death.

Angela: Uh, um…
Good morning Ms. Alvarez.

Ms. Alvarez: Good morning. ^ ^

(to be continued)
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xTheMentalist | Dec 7, 2009 10:14 PM
looool omgsh Tony soo cracks my uuup xDDD