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Nov 14, 2011 7:39 AM
Getting your target audience to notice your offer and to increase the number of subscribers to your opt-in list as well as getting the kind of targeted exposure you desire will take some serious thought on how to promote your sign-up form. To keep your opt-in list growing, what steps need to be taken? The article below will give some clues.... If you'd like to see a sample, check this out:

Use Social Media As A Tool For Driving Traffic. A major reason for failure in converting visitors into opt-in subscribers is that the source of traffic isn't high quality. So that your visitors can give away their contact information to get on your list, you need to direct the targeted traffic to your subscriber form. Social media should be at the top of your list out of variety of ways to get a consistent flow of targeted traffic. It is easier to approach people you have created a relationship with through social media to sign up for your newsletter, ezine or email list than it is to approach the visitors that you don't have a relationship with. Since the traffic coming from sites like Facebook and Twitter is already qualified, you have a better chance of increasing your subscriber numbers.

Promote Scarcity: You could use the simple to apply scarcity tactic to boost your opt-in rate when you are offering an incentive to get more subscribers on your list. Inform your potential subscribers that you are going to have to limit the amount of people that will be able to access your incentive. The scarcity tactic could backfire on your if your incentive isn't of high value to your subscribers. If you do get it right, you'll see that in order to avoid missing the opportunity a large number of people will jump on your offer.

Provide Them Security: Offering security is an easy and effective way to get more people to opt-in to your email list. The large amount of spam going around makes people reluctant to give out their email contact information. If you clearly explain in a line or two under your opt-in form that you won't send spam, it should help in boosting your conversions. It is also important to let your potential subscribers know that you will not give out or sell their contact information. This will make your prospects feel comfortable enough to hop on to your list without any problem.

Your conversion rates can change drastically even with the slightest change to your subscription form. Testing continuously is vital if you want to keep improving your results and adding more targeted opt-in subscribers to your list.

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