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Nov 14, 2011 7:37 AM
There are so many blogs of all kinds that are created every day, and then the long journey begins to develop a readership that feels they can trust the person behind the blog and the information given. Let's look at some proven approaches you can use on your blog that will help your visitors have a greater sense of trust in your business.

Consider very carefully that if your navigation structure is not helpful to your visitors, as it should easily be, then people will extend that to not trusting your ability to provide what they are looking for. Something like that speaks volumes to people because it is so easy to avoid a bad navigation set-up. So, if you blow your only opportunity to impress them with your site, then that will not bode well in your favor. If your links are not very relevant, or in other words the site theme and content organization is haphazard, then that can also cause problems for you.

Of course you know the importance of having a contact page on your blog, and then just handle anything that comes down the line. Visitors will check to see if you have a contact page, and then it should have a valid email address that it sends to, as well. Most if not all people will not have unreasonable expectations from you in the way of communicating, so this really is a very easy matter to handle. So just keep all of that in mind because it is so simple to take care of and the good it will do is clear. You can see an example here:

It should be obvious that you will need to keep your blog updated on a regular basis. Update your blog with new content twice a week at the minimum, and yes we know some people will say that is too much - it is not. Consistent action will help you come out on top, and it will prove to your readers that you are not some fly-by-night blogger wannabe.

You will discover that as trust in you grows, then your content will be liked more and all the good stuff will follow. Nobody said this was an overnight process, including us, and we know very well that you have to dedicate your self to the process.

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