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Oct 24, 2009 8:56 AM
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ID's in blog = 56
Total = 157
If u click the card you will go to its club
Double or more cards count on the total
Cards from the same club are in the same spoiler too
The creators name is under the card leading to his profile
NOTE: I do NOT request member cards from clubs i dont support


Guys with Guns FC (3)

Girls With Guns FC (4)

Haine Rammsteiner Fanclub (2)

Member Cards Mall (2)

Member Cards Paradise

FullmetalPHX Fanclub (4)

"Beauty Is A Flower" - Gackuto Kamui (2)

Rozen Maiden (2)

Utau and Amu The Best gals! (Fanclub)

Lavi Fan Club (3)

Kid x Crona CLUB (5)

Sunako Nakahara Fan Club! ~ (3)

Claim Anything Anime/Manga! (C.A.A.M)

Content Creation

Sukumizu Club!

Song SeungHyun 송승현 FC~

Choi MinHwan 최민환 FC~

Lee HongKi 이홍기 FC~

Lee JaeJin 이재진 FC~

Special A (3)

Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia | Hetalia FC |

[APH] Russia x China Fan Club [Yao Wong x Ivan Braginski]

Creativity Shop & Galleries (11)

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