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Oct 21, 2009 6:44 AM
I found this cards from visiting other member's profile...
the designs are really nice so i thought of posting it here!
(i hope the members dont mind me doing it!)

I'll add more...

Beautiful Blonde Boys

made by oliviasyl

Sanji "Black Leg" Fanclub

Made by pupsia

The Four Tsundere Wonders

Made by Ichigo-Sora

Mio Akiyama FC

Made by Tsuruya-san

Yokune Ruko Fanclub

Made by RDDNeji

fran fanclub

Made by ayakabun

Sci-Fi Anime Club

Made by Admiral_AnimE

Samurai Champloo Fanclub

Made by eL_marco

Belphegor --> Prince The Ripper Lovers

Made by Daphne4

Izaya Orihara Fanclub

Made by Fayto

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