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Nov 13, 2011 7:30 AM
While every writer out there wants to write faster without having to allow the quality of the work to decline there aren't a lot of them who can actually pull it off. They fail because they have a hard time building a good enough foundation first and instead decide to put a bunch of work into other, less important things. Keep reading to learn how to boost the speed of your article writing. You can see an example here:

Articulate Your Article: This method has initiated many articles of great value in record time. If you struggle when writing an article, try recording it before you actually write it. Raise a question about your article topic and then tape your reaction. If you find yourself with a subject that you are unfamiliar with, take a look at the facts you have to back up your article and then tape your results. Once you're done, you can have this audio transcribed into text, which you can do it yourself or use a subscription service to get it done for a few bucks. You should be able to knock out an article in roughly 5 minutes using this technique.

Leverage Images and Hyperlinks: Perhaps the easiest kind of article to write is one that centers on pictures or links. These articles are simple to write because they don't take a lot of work as you can easily point people to other people's articles, blogs or even eBooks. This is a great way to build a strong relationship with your own peers, create new partnerships and at the same time provide your readers with high quality information. Writing a list article that features a list of things that you can link to with pictures and captions is a great way to let the other material do most of the work for you. What you're actually doing here is simplifying your information and then condensing it down into images and links that help make it easier to consume for your readers.

Quote People: You do not want to plagiarize anybody because that is bad, but quoting someone is always good. It is a great way to include more "meat" in your article and sometimes there are some people who are simply better at saying the things you want to say in your article. Whatever you decide to use, don't hesitate to use long quotes from a variety of sources to help express what you are thinking. You can immediately increase how quickly you are able to write your articles when you take this specific step.

It's okay to walk away from a piece of content when you don't feel happy or excited about it; you can get back to it when your enthusiasm rises. The most important thing that you should focus on is keeping your momentum up no matter what else is going on even if it means that you need to take a break to get back your focus.

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